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Fun Food Holidays™ August 22nd is Eat A Peach DayEat A Peach Day

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Peach Ice Cubes
recipe for peach ice cubes

Made with lemon juice, sugar, peaches, peeled and pitted

Peachy Rice Salad
recipe for peachy rice salad

Made with walnuts, celery, frozen unsweetened peach slices, thawed & diced, peaches, peeled & diced, rice, salt, lemon juice, honey, plain yogurt

Grilled Ham Steaks With Fresh Peach Chutney
recipe for grilled ham steaks with fresh peach chutney

Made with peaches, cucumber, orange juice, red onion, fresh mint, tequila, salt, black pepper

Peach Shortcake
recipe for peach shortcake

Made with whipped cream, butter, milk, buttermilk biscuit mix, lemon juice, peaches, sugar

Light Peach Shake
recipe for light peach shake

Made with Sugar for sweetness desired, vanilla extract, Fresh or frozen sliced Peaches, skim milk

Elegant Peaches And Cream Cake
recipe for elegant peaches and cream cake

Made with butter, melted, cooled, almond extract, sugar, eggs, nutmeg, baking powder, finely chopped toasted almonds, flour

White Sangria With Peaches And Grand Marnier
recipe for white sangria with peaches and grand marnier

Made with lime, orange, ice cubes, white wine, tropical fruit juice, peaches, grand marnier

Raspberries With Peach Puree
recipe for raspberries with peach puree

Made with creme fraiche, raspberries, Sugar, powdered, or to taste, raspberry vinegar, Peaches, peeled & pits removed

Blueberry-Peach Smoothie
recipe for blueberry-peach smoothie

Made with honey, peaches, blueberries, plain, low-fat yogurt, orange juice

Peachy French Toast Casserole
recipe for peachy french toast casserole

Made with ground cinnamon, vanilla extract, milk, eggs, loaf (16 ounce size) cinnamon raisin bread, cut into 1 inch cubes, cornstarch, sugar, water, frozen, unsweetened sliced peaches

Chicken Salad With Watermelon And Peaches
recipe for chicken salad with watermelon and peaches

Made with watermelon, peaches, chicken, plain yogurt, mayonnaise, dried dill, dill, lemon, salt and pepper

Greenbrier Peach Soup
recipe for greenbrier peach soup

Made with fresh peach, sherry, lemon juice, frozen peaches, fresh orange juice peeled peaches, diced and sugared, sour cream, pineapple juice, orange juice

Waffles With Peach Berry Topping
recipe for waffles with peach berry topping

Made with purchased blueberry syrup, blueberries, lemon juice, lemon peel, peaches or nextarines pitted sliced, frozen homestyle or buttermilk waffles

Peach Dump Dessert
recipe for peach dump dessert

Made with butter, white cake mix, sliced frozen peaches, cornstarch, vanilla extract, brown sugar, cinnamon

Peach Pie With Peach Glaze
recipe for peach pie with peach glaze

Made with peach liqueur or orange juice, fresh peaches, sugar, dark corn syrup, corn starch, cinnamon, almond extract

Peach Trifle
recipe for peach trifle

Made with slivered almonds, brandy, orange juice, pound cake, peach pie filling, frozen whipped topping, milk, vanilla cook pudding mix

Peach Blueberry Crumble
recipe for peach blueberry crumble

Made with butter, egg, nutmeg, cinnamon, peaches, blueberries, sugar, cornstarch, brown sugar, quick cooking oats

Baked Peach Pancake
recipe for baked peach pancake

Made with ground cinnamon, sugar, fresh peaches, eggs, milk, biscuit baking mix, butter or margarine

Creamy Peachsicle Smoothies
recipe for creamy peachsicle smoothies

Made with honey, orange juice, container fat-free French vanilla yogurt, banana -- thinly sliced, frozen sliced peaches

Peach Cobbler With Cranberry Compote
recipe for peach cobbler with cranberry compote

Made with sliced peaches with juice, butter or margarine, vanilla extract, milk, egg, nutmeg, cinnamon, sugar, all-purpose flour

Chicken Salad With Peaches & Walnuts
recipe for chicken salad with peaches & walnuts

Made with walnuts, peaches, cooked chicken, red onion, poppy seed salad dressing, mixed salad greens

Peach And Berry Cobbler
recipe for peach and berry cobbler

Made with milk, self-rising flour, lemon peel, cornstarch, sugar, blackberries or raspberries, peaches

Blueberry Peach Chutney
recipe for blueberry peach chutney

Made with salt, grated ginger, garlic, white raisins, jalapeno pepper, white onion, sweet red pepper, white sugar, brown sugar, cider vinegar

Peach Cobbler Smoothie
recipe for peach cobbler smoothie

Made with ground cinnamon, peach sorbet, low-fat peach yogurt, low-fat evaporated milk, frozen unsweetened chopped or sliced peaches

Peach Sour-Cream Pie
recipe for peach sour-cream pie

Made with brown sugar, peaches, almond extract, flour, sugar, sour cream, pie shell

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