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Fun Food Holidays™ Today is October 1st

CDK is the home of the original Fun Food Holidays. This collection of food-related dates was created so every day would be a holiday. We have the most complete and up-to-date collection (even though others have tried to copy us) so check back each day for a new reason to celebrate food!

National Pretzel Month October is National Pretzel Month
With Oktoberfest nearly upon us, beer and pretzels enter the American psyche like at no other time. This month, anywhere that German-Americans gather, you'll likely see the familiar three-ringed breads traditionally made of only flour and water!
National Pickled Peppers Month October is National Pickled Peppers Month

Popcorn Poppin' Month October is Popcorn Poppin' Month

National Cookbook Month October is National Cookbook Month

National Seafood Month October is National Seafood Month
Is there a more important class of protein than seafood? Fish, shellfish, seaweed and other underwater organisms are a huge part of the diet of many countries. CDK has many amazing recipes for you to peruse during National Seafood Month. Just remember the old saying, fish and house guests both start to stink after three days!
National Caramel Month October is National Caramel Month
Baking season is upon us, and caramel figures into a wide range of baked goods, desserts, cookies, candies and more. In its simple form, caramel is nothing but sugar that has been slow heated until it melts! So put your apron on, it's National Caramel Month!
Homemade Cookies Day Homemade Cookies Day

Eat Country Ham Month October is Eat Country Ham Month

National Applejack Month October is National Applejack Month
October brings hayrides and crisp weekends spent raking leaves. Naturally, it also brings applejack, a concentrated hard cider that has been popular since the days of Johnny Appleseed and which packs a real punch in your punchbowl!
Pudding Season Pudding Season

National Chili Month October is National Chili Month
Mmm. What better time of year for National Chili Month? This spicy stew of meat, chili peppers, onions, and more really warms the belly on cool autumn days. CDK has tons of delicious chili recipes, with all sorts of variations. Chili is the official dish of the State of Texas. But in the Lone Star State, don't put beans in it. That might be a punishable offense in Texas!
National Pasta Month October is National Pasta Month
It's a common misconception that Marco Polo discovered pasta for Europeans during his travels to the Far East. Nonetheless, Italian cuisine is primarily associated with that noodle of many shapes: long strings, tubes, flat strips, and even spirals. CDK has so many pasta recipes, you'll feel like you're Marco Polo making major discoveries for your culinary kingdom. October is National Pasta Month!
National Dessert Month October is National Dessert Month
Baking season is here, and the holiday party season is about to commence. That means it's time to return our attention to that oft neglected food group, desserts! CDK is your headquarters for a dazzling array of dessert recipes, from pies and cakes, to fruit parfaits, mousse, ice cream, bananas foster--you name it! Sweet tooths of the world rejoice, it's National Dessert Month.
National Apple Month October is National Apple Month
National Apple Month is as American as apple pie! This month, renew your appreciation of Adam and Eve's favorite fruit. Many varieties, like Red Delicious, Granny Smith, winesap and others, are good cooking apples. CDK has you covered with great recipes for apple crisp, candied apples, apple pancakes, apple cider, and on and on!
National Pork Month October is National Pork Month
The other white meat is celebrated in October, National Pork Month. The varieties of pork recipes on CDK are amazing. Ham, chops, bacon, pickled pigs' feet, head cheese--what's your favorite? Us? We like to pass around pork rinds while our team passes the pigskin on the football field!
National Cookie Month October is National Cookie Month
Come one, come all, to National Cookie Month in America! We've got your drop cookies, rolled cookies, bar cookies, refrigerator cookies and sandwich cookies. We've got all your favorite flavors, like chocolate chip, sugar cookies, snickerdoodles, peanut butter, oatmeal and more! You will surely be overwhelmed by CDK's massive collection of cookie recipes! Note to our British users: You might know them as 'biscuits!'
National Pizza Month October is National Pizza Month
The ancient Greeks and Romans liked it, and chances are you like it too. Pizza tops many people's lists of favorite foods. From ancient Roman versions, the pizza pie has evolved into such varieties as Chicago-style, New York-style, white pizza, and the classic Neapolitan. And then there are the toppings! Pepperoni, sausage, cheeses, onions, olives, anchovies. . . . Alright, it's National Pizza Month!