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Fun Food Holidays™ Today is July 22nd

CDK is the home of the original Fun Food Holidays. This collection of food-related dates was created so every day would be a holiday. We have the most complete and up-to-date collection (even though others have tried to copy us) so check back each day for a new reason to celebrate food!

National Penuche Day National Penuche Day
Penuche is a sort of fudge made with brown sugar instead of regular sugar. Sometimes chopped pecans are added for a bit of texture. Is it a summertime food? Well, it isn't light and airy. But it doesn't require turning on the oven, either!
National Vanilla Ice Cream Day Jul 23 National Vanilla Ice Cream Day
Americans are the largest consumers of ice cream in the world (in more ways than one!). And what's their favorite choice among the thirty-one (and counting) ice cream flavors? That's right, vanilla! More than a quarter of all ice cream consumed in this country is vanilla ice cream. And so it is fitting that today is National Vanilla Ice Cream Day. How do you like them apples, chocolate?
National Tequila Day Jul 24 National Tequila Day
If you know the difference between blanco, reposado, and anejo, then this is a day for you to feel good. It's National Tequila Day! Do you think it's a coincidence that it falls on a Saturday?