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Fun Food Holidays™ Today is March 6th

CDK is the home of the original Fun Food Holidays. This collection of food-related dates was created so every day would be a holiday. We have the most complete and up-to-date collection (even though others have tried to copy us) so check back each day for a new reason to celebrate food!


National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day

Fun Food Holidays can be very specific! Today is National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day. Not just 'cheesecake,' but that particular variety with the refined taste of white chocolate! CDK has a surprising number of recipes for this dessert delicacy. Impress your dinner guests by serving one of our delicious sounding recipes for white chocolate cheesecake!

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March 7

National Crown Roast of Pork Day

It's the special occasion 'other white meat.' National Crown Roast of Pork Day honors what many consider a gourmet presentation of a pork rib roast, which is often served with a savory stuffing. CDK has several recipes for this elegant entree that will convince you that a crown roast is really not all that difficult to make. So why save it just for special occasions?

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March 7

National Cereal Day

National Cereal Day is a commemoration with a little ambiguity behind it. Some regard it as a salute to the abundance of important cereal grains grown in and exported from the US. Others say it was established to mark the anniversary of Dr. Kellogg first serving his 'corn flakes' as a dietetic food to patients at his sanitarium in Battle Creek, MI. Either way, breakfast food changed forever!

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March 8

National Peanut Cluster Day

An easy to make confection like peanut clusters can improve your standing with your kids' friends and even your coworkers! Just melt together some peanuts, a little chocolate or almond bark, maybe a little peanut butter and some marshmallows, and drop by the teaspoon onto waxed paper to cool. In minutes, you've got the taste of newfound popularity!

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March 8 to March 14

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Week

It's the quintessential American cookie! Invented at the Toll House Inn in Massachusetts in 1933, chocolate chip quickly became the most popular flavor of cookie in North America. CDK has over a hundred recipes for chocolate chip cookies, and a couple dozen more for such adaptations as chocolate chip cookie pizza, cake, and milkshakes! No wonder this taste gets an entire week's salute!

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March 9

National Crabmeat Day

Today is all about the real deal! None of that imitation crab in plastic containers will do for diners on National Crabmeat Day! CDK has over thirteen hundred recipes containing the world's favorite crustacean, from crab salad, to crab bisque, to crab cakes, and on and on! CDK has so many recipes for crab and crabmeat that you'll say 'Pinch me, I'm dreaming!'

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