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Fun Food Holidays™ Today is October 23rd

CDK is the home of the original Fun Food Holidays. This collection of food-related dates was created so every day would be a holiday. We have the most complete and up-to-date collection (even though others have tried to copy us) so check back each day for a new reason to celebrate food!


National Boston Cream Pie Day

It's the official dessert of Massachusetts, and for good reason. Created by the chef at the Parker House Hotel many years ago, the Boston cream pie is actually a cake, one that combines sponge cake, layers of custard, chocolate ganache, and a sprinkle of powdered sugar. Make one yourself with one of CDK's great recipes. This Boston product will take you to heaven!

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October 24

National Bologna Day

You know what they say about what goes into the making of baloney. A lot of history, for one thing! Our popular American sandwich meat derives from the mortadella produced in the ancient provincial capital city of Bologna, in Italy. In both countries, this sausage must be ground extremely finely to qualify for its name. That's baloney!

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October 25

National Greasy Foods Day

I suppose we all need the okay to indulge once in a while. To the fast food industry's delight, today is National Greasy Foods Day! But you don't have to go out to enjoy low fat, heart-healthy grease! CDK will give you recipes for hamburgers, pizza, doughnuts, fries, and more to satisfy your jones for greasy food!

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October 26

National Mincemeat Day

First, assemble all your ingredients. Next, addressing those ingredients, shout 'I'll make mincemeat outta you!' Then, calmly, finely mince dried fruits, brandy or rum, spices, and maybe a little beef or venison. Perhaps you'll even age the mincemeat to allow the alcohol to ferment the gooey product. Don't worry, CDK's mincemeat recipes can help you along the way. Happy National Mincemeat Day!

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October 27

American Beer Day

Perhaps the greatest of Fun Food Holidays, today is American Beer Day! American beer has its detractors, but the thirst-quenching pale lager associated with US brewers has made beer the most consumed alcoholic beverage in this country. Whether you prefer draught, canned, or bottled, raise your glass to American-style beer!

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October 27

National Potato Day

This starchy tuber is the world's fourth biggest food crop. What can't you do with a potato? Mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, fried potatoes--potatoes are even instrumental in counting off time in seconds (one potato, two potato, three potato, four . . .) You want proof of potatoes' multidimensional uses? Check out CDK's potato recipes.

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