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Fun Food Holidays™ June 10th is National Iced Tea Day

National Iced Tea Day

June is National Iced Tea Month but today is singled out as National Iced Tea Day. In honor of this double-tea day we reviewed some iced tea recipes that are sure to fit the bill on a hot, summer day.

Strawberry Lemonade TeaFirst up was Strawberry Lemonade Tea. The "lemonade" flavor comes from using lemon tea bags. The flavor is not overpoweringly lemony (and if you'd like more lemon flavor use more tea bags than called for). The consistency is thicker than normal iced tea, and you can add more or less club soda to taste to get just the right consistency. The sweetness and predominant flavor can be controlled by the strawberries you use. We used whole, frozen strawberries so the flavor was good but not overly sweet. If you want a sweeter strawberry flavor, try frozen strawberries packed in syrup! Since the sweetness of fresh strawberries varies, you may need to add some sugar if the final result isn't sweet enough.

Thai Iced TeaNext we sampled some Thai Iced Tea. It calls for lapsang souchong tea which is a smoky Asian tea. If you can't find it, it's ok to substitute another black tea. The flavor will be a little different, but it will still be good. If you want to make the recipe a little more healthy, try brown sugar Splenda and fat-free half and half.

Pineapple Sun Tea CoolersLastly, we tried Pineapple Sun Tea Coolers. We chose this recipe because it was a sun tea recipe and we could simply set the tea bags and water out in the sun and forget about them (for a few hours anyway!). This is another great, refreshing drink. Use real lemon juice (not bottled) and adjust the sugar to suit your tastes. The pineapple juice adds flavor and texture but isn't overpowering. The tea flavor is there, but rather mild. If you are looking for a stronger tea taste, leave the sun tea out in the sun for 6-8 hours or double the amount of tea bags used.

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