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Fun Food Holidays™ December 31st is National Champagne Day

National Champagne Day

It's no coincidence that today is National Champagne Day. This sparkling wine imported from the Champagne region of France is a luxury item that is the traditional first taste of the New Year for many people. You can call it sparkling wine or you can call it bubbly. But you can't call it Champagne unless it comes from France!

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Crimson Spice Champagne Cocktail
recipe for crimson spice champagne cocktail

Made with fresh cranberries, Champagne, cranberry juice cocktail, fresh ginger, cinnamon sticks, star anise, cognac or brandy

Pink Champagne Punch
recipe for pink champagne punch

Made with ice, grenadine syrup, ginger ale, club soda, pink champagne, frozen lemonade concentrate, brandy

Chicken Breasts In Champagne Sauce
recipe for chicken breasts in champagne sauce

Made with cream, Champagne, flour, chicken broth or more, mushrooms, leek, white part, sliced, fennel or celery, sliced, butter, salt and pepper, half chicken breasts, boned and flattened

Holiday Pink Champagne Cake
recipe for holiday pink champagne cake

Made with red food coloring, dry champagne, white cake mix

Pink Faux Champagne Punch
recipe for pink faux champagne punch

Made with cherries, white grape juice, frozen lemonade concentrate, frozen whole strawberries, lemon lime soda

Strawberry-Raspberry Champagne Sorbet
recipe for strawberry-raspberry champagne sorbet

Made with Champagne, each frozen raspberries and strawberries, sugar syrup

Grand Champagne Cocktail
recipe for grand champagne cocktail

Made with Champagne, orange liqueur, honey, fresh strawberries

Champagne Strawberry Salad
recipe for champagne strawberry salad

Made with mint, nonfat vanilla yogurt (optional), sugar, extra-dry champagne, container (16-ounce size) fresh strawberries

Champagne Trout On Lemon Grass Skewers
recipe for champagne trout on lemon grass skewers

Made with nonstick cooking spray -- as needed, black pepper, salt, dried summer savory, pink peppercorns -- crushed, Champagne, lemon grass stalks -- quartered lengthwise, boned skin-on trout fillets

Watermelon Champagne Sangria
recipe for watermelon champagne sangria

Made with champagne, watermelon, orange, bananas, grapes

Pink Champagne Mold
recipe for pink champagne mold

Made with strawberries, ginger ale, champagne, water, strawberry gelatin, lemon gelatin

Peach In Champagne Soup
recipe for peach in champagne soup

Made with white Riesling wine, peaches, champagne, sugar

Champagne Dressing for Poultry Salad
recipe for champagne dressing for poultry salad

Made with black pepper, salt, Champagne, cream, mayonnaise, stalks celery fine chopped, scallions

Lavender Champagne
recipe for lavender champagne

Made with sugar, lavender, water, dry Champagne

Onion Soup With Champagne, Port And Camembert
recipe for onion soup with champagne, port and camembert

Made with port, eggs, rounds (1-inch size) Camembert cheese, rind removed, dry Champagne, left open for a few hours to go flat, beef broth, white onions, butter

Champagne Darling Freezes
recipe for champagne darling freezes

Made with fresh mint, lemon sorbet, vodka, prosecco

Festive Champagne Raspberry Floats
recipe for festive champagne raspberry floats

Made with raspberry sherbet, frozen raspberries, champagne

Champagne Perfume
recipe for champagne perfume

Made with rose flower water, pink champagne

Party Champagne Punch
recipe for party champagne punch

Made with ice cubes or ice ring, lime, champagne, ginger ale, apricot brandy, fresh strawberries or raspberries, orange, lemon, cucumber

Fake Champagne
recipe for fake champagne

Made with grenadine syrup, ginger ale, frozen grapefruit juice concentrate, frozen grapefruit juice concentrate, PLUS, orange juice concentrate, frozen orange juice concentrate, PLUS, sugar, water

Champagne Napoleon
recipe for champagne napoleon

Made with Champagne, grand marnier, Curacao, Maraschino liqueur

Swiss Fondue With Champagne, Bacon And Chives
recipe for swiss fondue with champagne, bacon and chives

Made with crusty French bread, bacon, butter, garlic, champagne, chives, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper, Swiss cheese, flour

Champagne And Raspberry Sparkler
recipe for champagne and raspberry sparkler

Made with lemon juice, frozen raspberries, champagne

Champagne Shrimp and Pasta
recipe for champagne shrimp and pasta

Made with salt and pepper, angel hair pasta, olive oil, mushrooms, shrimp, Champagne, salt, shallots, plum tomatoes, heavy cream

Chicken Breasts In Champagne
recipe for chicken breasts in champagne

Made with champagne or white wine, heavy cream, salt and pepper, chicken breast halves, champagne or dry white wine, butter, mushrooms, onion, carrot

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