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Fun Food Holidays™ July 7th is National Macaroni Day

National Macaroni Day

When you hear the word "macaroni," your first thought might be "...and cheese." However, this versatile pasta enlivens a tremendous number of dishes, from cold salads, to hot casseroles and even soups.

Search for macaroni here on CDK and you'll discover the many possibilities for cooking with macaroni, just in time for National Macaroni Day.

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Do Ahead Chicken Macaroni
recipe for do ahead chicken macaroni

Made with pimiento, chicken bouillon, milk, nutmeg, cayenne pepper, garlic salt, salt, cream cheese, flour, butter

Skillet Macaroni & Cheese
recipe for skillet macaroni & cheese

Made with cheddar cheese, dry mustard, butter, elbow macaroni, onion, green bell pepper, salt

Cheesy Macaroni And Hot Dogs
recipe for cheesy macaroni and hot dogs

Made with bread crumbs, hot dogs, Cheddar cheese, elbow macaroni pasta, butter or margarine, onion, all-purpose flour, salt, evaporated milk, American cheese

Sweetie Pie's Macaroni And Cheese
recipe for sweetie pie's macaroni and cheese

Made with salt, elbow macaroni pasta, whole milk, evaporated milk, eggs, butter, Colby cheese, monterey jack cheese, Cheddar cheese, Velveeta cheese

Macaroni And Cheese With Crumb Topping
recipe for macaroni and cheese with crumb topping

Made with American cheese, cavatappi pasta or large elbow macaroni, butter, all-purpose flour, dry mustard, kosher salt, sweet paprika, white pepper, milk, white cheddar cheese

Macaroni & Cheese For 100
recipe for macaroni & cheese for 100

Made with Cheddar cheese, elbow macaroni, velveeta cheese, margarine, flour, milk, salt, black pepper

Spicy Macaroni and Pepper Jack Cheese
recipe for spicy macaroni and pepper jack cheese

Made with butter, flour, heavy cream, salt, dry mustard, fresh grated nutmeg, Cheddar cheese, Monterey Jack cheese with jalapeno peppers

Macaroni 'N Cheese With Bacon
recipe for macaroni 'n cheese with bacon

Made with sharp Cheddar cheese, onion, elbow macaroni, bacon, butter, flour, evaporated milk, salt and pepper, Worcestershire sauce

Southern Chicken And Macaroni Bake
recipe for southern chicken and macaroni bake

Made with chicken, elbow macaroni or small shell pasta, salt, butter, flour, broth, cream, gouda cheese, pepper, parsley

Buttermilk Ranch Macaroni And Cheese
recipe for buttermilk ranch macaroni and cheese

Made with green onions, buttermilk ranch salad dressing, tomato, macaroni & cheese mix, cooked chicken

Fancy Macaroni And Cheese
recipe for fancy macaroni and cheese

Made with milk, nutmeg, butter, shallots, mushrooms, garlic, black pepper, salt, macaroni pasta

Macaroni And Tomatoes
recipe for macaroni and tomatoes

Made with salt, bay leaf, elbow macaroni, butter, garlic, onion, diced tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, sugar, dried oregano

Macaroni & Cheese Pizza
recipe for macaroni & cheese pizza

Made with mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, basil, macaroni and cheese dinner, eggs, tomato sauce, mushrooms, onion, green bell pepper, oregano

Macaroni Mince
recipe for macaroni mince

Made with tomatoes, garlic, beef, onion, macaroni, condensed tomato soup, Cheddar cheese

Macaroni Salad For Pot Luck Dinners
recipe for macaroni salad for pot luck dinners

Made with cherry tomatoes, jar (pint size) Marzetti's Southern Style Slaw Dressing, chopped black olives (optional), bacon bits, cheddar cheese, green onions, green bell pepper, ruffled pasta noodles

Gourmet Macaroni Salad
recipe for gourmet macaroni salad

Made with evaporated milk, green bell pepper, onion, celery, cooked carrots, French style green beans, frozen peas, kidney beans, macaroni

Macaroni And Dried Beef Hot Dish
recipe for macaroni and dried beef hot dish

Made with milk, cream of mushroom soup, hard cooked eggs, cut up, small onion, dried onion can be used, cheese, dried beef, macaroni pasta

Good Ole Macaroni Tuna Casserole
recipe for good ole macaroni tuna casserole

Made with bread crumbs, macaroni and cheese dinner mix, cream of mushroom soup, tuna, milk, cheddar cheese

Simple Gluten Free Macaroni & Cheese
recipe for simple gluten free macaroni & cheese

Made with cream cheese, salt & pepper, gluten-free macaroni, milk, Cheddar cheese

Spicy Beef And Macaroni
recipe for spicy beef and macaroni

Made with Parmesan cheese, ground beef, water, onion, elbow macaroni, green bell pepper, barbecue sauce

Macaroni Salad With Cucumber, Tomato, And Peppers
recipe for macaroni salad with cucumber, tomato, and peppers

Made with mayonnaise, vinegar, prepared mustard, sugar, salt, black pepper, celery, onion, bell pepper, tomato

Frankfurter Casserole With Macaroni
recipe for frankfurter casserole with macaroni

Made with sour cream, frankfurters, chicken broth, butter, half-cooked macaroni (such as elbow or cut ziti

Beef, Bean and Macaroni Chili
recipe for beef, bean and macaroni chili

Made with ground beef, onion, canned tomatoes, canned kidney beans, water, elbow macaroni, chili powder

Macaroni Italiano
recipe for macaroni italiano

Made with dried basil, frozen peas, (10 oz size) Frozen chopped spinach -- thawed, squeezed dry, Parmesan cheese, Lowfat cottage cheese -- at room temperature, tomato sauce, tomatoes, Low-sodium

Cajun Macaroni And Cheese With Andouille Sausage
recipe for cajun macaroni and cheese with andouille sausage

Made with onions, butter, bell peppers, andouille sausage, Cheddar cheese, heavy cream, black pepper, salt, pasta, green onions

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