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Fun Food Holidays™ July 7th is National Macaroni Day

National Macaroni Day

When you hear the word "macaroni," your first thought might be "...and cheese." However, this versatile pasta enlivens a tremendous number of dishes, from cold salads, to hot casseroles and even soups.

Search for macaroni here on CDK and you'll discover the many possibilities for cooking with macaroni, just in time for National Macaroni Day.

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Creamy Kielbasa And Macaroni Skillet
recipe for creamy kielbasa and macaroni skillet

Made with salt and pepper, kielbasa or Polish sausage, cream of mushroom soup, onion, elbow macaroni

Mustard Seed Cafe Macaroni and Cheese
recipe for mustard seed cafe macaroni and cheese

Made with milk, ground nutmeg, cayenne pepper, dry mustard, salt, white pepper, Cheddar cheese, Gruyere or Swiss cheese, Parmesan cheese

Confetti Macaroni Salad
recipe for confetti macaroni salad

Made with milk, elbow or shell macaroni, ham, sharp cheddar cheese, green, red or gold bell pepper, pimento, onion, hard boiled eggs, mayonnaise

Macaroni Grill\'s Shrimp & Artichoke Dip
recipe for macaroni grill\'s shrimp & artichoke dip

Made with cayenne pepper, half and half, clam juice, white wine, butter, shallot, flour, spinach, canned artichoke hearts, shrimp

Makeover Creamy Macaroni And Cheese
recipe for makeover creamy macaroni and cheese

Made with black pepper, dry mustard, Parmesan cheese, elbow macaroni, butter, all-purpose flour, fat-free milk, chicken broth, sour cream, process cheese

Smokey Four-Cheese Macaroni Bake
recipe for smokey four-cheese macaroni bake

Made with butter, onion, garlic, flour, milk, dry mustard, liquid smoke, Parmesan cheese, cream cheese, Swiss cheese

Latin Baked Macaroni And Cheese
recipe for latin baked macaroni and cheese

Made with penne pasta, diced tomatoes, milk, cornstarch, butter, flour, salt, black pepper, chili powder, green chiles

Guilt-Free Macaroni & Cheese
recipe for guilt-free macaroni & cheese

Made with elbow macaroni pasta, chicken broth, all-purpose flour, black pepper, skim milk, American cheese

Lighter Macaroni
recipe for lighter macaroni

Made with half-and-half, macaroni pasta, margarine, Velveeta cheese, milk

Macaroni And Cheese Dijon
recipe for macaroni and cheese dijon

Made with french fried onion rings, milk, process cheese, Dijon mustard, green onions, bacon, ground red pepper, rotelle or spiral-shaped pasta

Cajun Macaroni And Cheese With Andouille Sausage
recipe for cajun macaroni and cheese with andouille sausage

Made with onions, butter, bell peppers, andouille sausage, Cheddar cheese, heavy cream, black pepper, salt, pasta, green onions

Tex-Mex Macaroni Casserole
recipe for tex-mex macaroni casserole

Made with cheddar cheese, frozen whole kernel corn, green chiles, tomato sauce, water, taco seasoning, onion, ground beef, elbow macaroni pasta

Macaroni Chili Beef Soup
recipe for macaroni chili beef soup

Made with ground beef, green pepper, onion, garlic, chili powder, dried oregano, cumin powder, cayenne, tomatoes in juice, kidney beans

Boston Market Macaroni And Cheese
recipe for boston market macaroni and cheese

Made with salt and pepper, ground turmeric, pasta, milk, velveeta cheese, dry mustard

Cheesy Macaroni With Broccoli
recipe for cheesy macaroni with broccoli

Made with cayenne pepper, salt, Parmesan cheese, elbow macaroni, broccoli florets, butter, flour, milk, sharp Cheddar cheese, gruyere cheese

Frank-Macaroni Bake
recipe for frank-macaroni bake

Made with Parmesan cheese, tomatoes, frankfurters -- thinly sliced, cheddar cheese, black pepper, salt, egg, cottage cheese, uncooked macaroni rings

Macaroni & Cheese For 100
recipe for macaroni & cheese for 100

Made with Cheddar cheese, elbow macaroni, velveeta cheese, margarine, flour, milk, salt, black pepper

Macaroni-Vegetable Casserole
recipe for macaroni-vegetable casserole

Made with black pepper, salt, onion, green bell pepper, Cheddar cheese, tomatoes, milk, bread crumbs, eggs, macaroni

Macaroni And Salmon Salad
recipe for macaroni and salmon salad

Made with mayonnaise, can salmon, chilled, onion, celery, green bell pepper, French salad dressing, pkg elbow macaroni

Curried Macaroni Salad
recipe for curried macaroni salad

Made with mayonnaise, curry powder, wine vinegar, radishes, bell pepper, cucumber, scallions, carrots, celery, chutney

Ham and Macaroni Salad
recipe for ham and macaroni salad

Made with salt and freshly ground black pepper, sweet pickle relish or chopped sweet pickle, mayonnaise or salad dressing, pimiento, onion, celery, peas, Monterey Jack or cheddar cheese, cut into

Macaroni Italiano
recipe for macaroni italiano

Made with dried basil, frozen peas, (10 oz size) Frozen chopped spinach -- thawed, squeezed dry, Parmesan cheese, Lowfat cottage cheese -- at room temperature, tomato sauce, tomatoes, Low-sodium

Shrimp Macaroni Salad
recipe for shrimp macaroni salad

Made with salt, vinegar, sour cream, shelled shrimp -- cooked, macaroni shells -- cooked and drained, process American cheese -- cubed, celery, green bell pepper, onion, mayonnaise or salad dressing

Good Ole Macaroni Tuna Casserole
recipe for good ole macaroni tuna casserole

Made with bread crumbs, macaroni and cheese dinner mix, cream of mushroom soup, tuna, milk, cheddar cheese

Winter Tomato Garlic Macaroni Soup
recipe for winter tomato garlic macaroni soup

Made with quart vegetable broth or water), Quart Tomato Broth (see note), dried ancho pepper (optional), tomatoes, (26 oz.) box Pomi chunky tomatoes or chopped tomatoes,, olive oil, leeks, yellow

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