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I love lamb stew. Couldn't get parsnips so I subbed more carrots, celery, and potato. I wasn't sure the potatoes would get cooked unless they were pre-cooked in just the 30 minutes at the end so I added them at the beginning also. The vegetable broth I bought wasn't very seasoned so I added salt and pepper but the fresh herbs added quite a bit of flavor overall. Easy recipe too.

Reviewed By: Guest: Maya 2013-11-15

I added the potatoes in the beginning, not near the end. If I had added them 30 min prior to completion, they would have been raw. As it was they were barely done at 7 hours.

I like more meat and less potatoes. I'd suggest 1.5 pounds meat, only 5 potatoes. Also, not sure what sauteeing the root veggies does, they need to cook long anyway and the celery/onions just get overdone. I say, just throw in all veggies without precooking in the beginning.

Reviewed By: Guest: Coco 2011-12-15

I am making this recipe and so far it is looking great...but how much cornstarch do you mix in with the water?

Reviewed By: Guest: Malka 2010-12-25

This was wonderful. I made it for our Easter dinner and it was a huge favorite. I did accidentally sub out chicken stock for veggie stock, but it worked great!

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