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I miss Bennigans! This was my favorite menu item. I can't wait to make it myself!

Reviewed By: Guest: Foodista 2013-11-02

I love monte cristo sandwiches and really miss the ones we used to get at Bennigans. I'd say these are pretty close if not exactly the same as what they used to serve. The trick is in the ingredients you use I think. Don't use the pre packaged kind of sliced meats, get the good stuff from the deli including the cheese (although the deli dept at my store doesn't have american cheese so I have to use the packaged stuff). Don't let the sandwich sit in the batter, you just want to coat it then get it into the pan to cook. It's not like french toast where you want the batter to soak in more.

Reviewed By: Guest: Monte Fan 2013-07-28

Awesome! Tried these today and they turned out great. Used a lot of turkey and ham on each sandwich and two slices of each cheese. Just like the restaurants.

Reviewed By: Guest: Chris 2013-03-21

We were looking for a recipe to mimic the Bennigan's Monte Cristo because the closest one is nearly an hour and half away from us. As much as we love going there, that is just too far to go for lunch or dinner, especially with gas prices as high as they are. After making this recipe we are happy to say that our Benny Monte Cristo cravings are now in check and we can enjoy our awesome sandwiches while watching a movie at home without any driving!!! I highly recommend this recipe for anyone not close to a Bennigan's or anyone trying to save a few dollars! (also we have even experimented by adding bacon, shredded bbq, and other meats to the sandwich as well as spices to the batter recipe to give it some heat cuz we love spicy!!!)


Reviewed By: Guest: LilyandBrad 2012-08-25

This was absolutely fabulous! My daughter and I were looking for a recipe last evening and found this one. We made these exactly as stated and they are delicious. I would not change a thing. I am happy to have stumbled upon this site :)

I thought the receipt was great. The only difference is that I used pancake mix, it was tasty! Less work is always my first option.

Reviewed By: Guest: Nina 2011-05-13

I used to work for Bennigans and these are just like theirs! Bennigans closed in Florida 2 years ago ( boo!! ) so having this recipe is awesome! Just find Raspberry Perserves, that's what they use -

Reviewed By: Guest: 5MonkeysBoutique 2011-03-07

there is a resturant called Cheddar's in Kentucky, and this is the same reciepe that they used... And oh my god heaven in your mouth!!! Me and my wife ordered this on our wedding day, and now every year we order the exact same everytime we go...Its a must have.

Reviewed By: Guest: midnightraven 2010-12-01

Loved it! I was a bit skeptical in following the recipe because it seemed too easy for something so tasty. Well, was I wrong. Not only was the recipe super easy, it also tasted just like bennigan's monte cristo sanwhich. Big hit for my family. I had no problem whatsoever with the recipe. The batter this recipe calls for is just perfect and I did not have any problems with my sanwhiches faling apart. I cooked my sanwhiches in a frying pan and just flipped them over in order to cook them on both sides. They cooked wonderfully. This delicious recipe is a keeper :)

Reviewed By: Guest: cindy 2010-06-15

Anyone know what jelly to use? I'm trying to find something close to Bennigan's raspberry jam, but haven't found the perfect substitute.

Other than that, great sammich!

Reviewed By: Guest: Anonymous 2008-03-03

Perfect. Followed directions and used the saran wrap trick and got exactly what I wanted. It's scary to think I can have these without having to leave the house now....

Reviewed By: Guest: Crackerman 2007-12-02

For the person who suggested the saran wrap, thank you so much! It works perfectly doing that. Only downside is my family has figured out this treat was a really easy thing for me to make and always want it now!

Reviewed By: Guest: Anonymous 2007-11-06

i used to work for bennigan's and had to make these all the time. if you have the time, you actually need to wrap each half in saran wrap tightly and place in fridge for a day or at least several hours. this keeps the sandwiches nice and tight so they don't fall apart when frying.

Reviewed By: Guest: anonymous 2007-05-13

I personally found that following this recipe exactly yields the exact sandwich as the restaurant's. I've made it SO many times. Half a sandwich is plenty for one person. I push 2 toothpicks through each half sandwich before I fry them to keep the sandwich from falling apart in the fryer. But remember to pull toothpicks back out before serving!!

Reviewed By: Guest: Anonymous 2007-01-12

I made these in a large deep fryer for my family and they were a hit! I did have to add a little more water to the batter than was called for in the recipe (and I would actually reduce the salt just a little), as it was too thick to get a good coating on the sandwiches. Just a tip: Once finished, 1/2 of a whole sandwich seems to be PLENTY to feed one person, so be careful not too make too many as they don't keep well. Definitely do the powdered sugar and raspberry's a completely different taste without them! Thanks for the recipe!

Reviewed By: Guest: Cam 2006-08-20

i dont have a fry daddy so i just filled a pot up with veggie oil and got it to a rolling boil and dunked the sandwiches into there with tongs. ohmygoodness are these good!!! :)

Reviewed By: Guest: Anonymous 2006-08-16

I made this for lunch today and it went over fabulous. If you are making it in a frying pan you need to cook it very thoughly, but otherwise nice,, quick, and relatively easy.

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