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Fun Food Holidays™ February 9th is Pizza Pie Day

Pizza Pie Day

CDK is equipped for Pizza Pie Day with a thousand recipes for pizzas and pizza-flavored dishes, both traditional-style and with contemporary toppings like squash, Spam, and avocado! And then there are the sauces! We know you'll take little convincing to put pizza on your calendar for this Fun Food Holiday. Who doesn't like pizza?

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Mesquite-Grilled Pizza
recipe for mesquite-grilled pizza

Made with pitted green olives, halved, black olives, pizza sauce, salt, (or more) bread flour, olive oil, warm water (105 deg. F. to 115 deg. F.), water, yeast

Zwibbelsploatz (Onion Pizza)
recipe for zwibbelsploatz (onion pizza)

Made with rye flour, Salt,, water, fresh yeast (Wuerfelhefe), bacon, onions, sour cream, eggs, Salt,, Breadcrumbs and caraway seeds to taste

Turkey Alfredo Pizza
recipe for turkey alfredo pizza

Made with red pepper flakes, Parmesan cheese, cooked turkey breast, pizza crust, garlic, Alfredo sauce, frozen chopped spinach, lemon juice, salt, black pepper

Smoked Salmon & Fennel Potato Pizza
recipe for smoked salmon & fennel potato pizza

Made with cornstarch, minced chives or green onion, potatoes, white wine, salt and freshly ground pepper, finely chopped fresh fennel bulb, onion, olive oil

Duck And Fontina Pizza With Rosemary And Caramelized Onions
recipe for duck and fontina pizza with rosemary and caramelized onions

Made with dried rosemary, fontina cheese, salt and pepper, (10 ounce size) pre-baked pizza crust, tub (8 ounce size) spreadable goat cheese, honey, olive oil, yellow onion, skin-on, boneless duck

Light Pesto Mushroom Pizza
recipe for light pesto mushroom pizza

Made with mozzarella cheese, white mushrooms, trimmed and thinly sliced, pesto sauce with basil, premade pizza crust (12-inch size)

Cajun Pizza
recipe for cajun pizza

Made with butter, Mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce, pizza dough, pork smoked sausag, crawfish tails, salt, red pepper and garlic powder, onion, jalapeno peppers

Portuguese Pizza
recipe for portuguese pizza

Made with red pepper flakes, mozzarella cheese, pizza dough, olive oil, tomato sauce

Upside Down Supreme Pizza
recipe for upside down supreme pizza

Made with Parmesan cheese, (10 oz size) refrigerated pizza crust, Mozzarella cheese, (4 oz size) sliced mushroom, drained, (15 oz size) pizza sauce, (3.5 oz size) sliced pepperoni, green bell pepper

Leek Tomato Goat Cheese Pizza
recipe for leek tomato goat cheese pizza

Made with olive oil, Montrachet or Feta, crumbled, tomato, parsley, med. leeks, thinly sliced, butter

Mu Shu Pork Pizza
recipe for mu shu pork pizza

Made with basic pizza dough, soy sauce, rice wine or dry sherry, cornstarch, sugar, boned pork shoulder, thinly sliced and then cut into slivers, peanut oil, eggs, dried tiger lily buds *, dried cloud

Caramelized Onion And Goat Cheese Pizza
recipe for caramelized onion and goat cheese pizza

Made with fresh basil, goat cheese, olive oil, onion, Italian cheese-flavored pizza crust, pizza sauce, oil-packed sun-dried tomato halves

Lamb Pizza
recipe for lamb pizza

Made with olive oil, salt, bread flour, lukewarm water (105 degrees), sugar, active dry yeast

Avocado And Canadian Bacon Pizza
recipe for avocado and canadian bacon pizza

Made with Monterey Jack cheese, salt, tomato, avocado, Canadian bacon, dried basil, olive oil, pizza shell

Pumpkin Pizzas
recipe for pumpkin pizzas

Made with cherry tomatoes, broccoli, Italian bread shells, pizza or spaghetti sauce, pepperoni slices, American cheese

Heart Shaped Valentine Pizza
recipe for heart shaped valentine pizza

Made with basil, olive oil, Pieces artichoke hearts; frozen and thawed, sliced, red bell pepper, Shrimp; cooked, Mozzarella or Jack cheese; grated, pizza sauce, Pizza shell; pre-baked

Meatball Pizza
recipe for meatball pizza

Made with cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, frozen fully cooked meatballs, thawed and halved, onion, Parmesan cheese, Italian seasoning, garlic powder, pizza sauce, pre-baked Italian bread shell

Vegetable Double Filled Pizza
recipe for vegetable double filled pizza

Made with Parmesan cheese, jar (4-ounce size) sliced pimentos -- drained, margarine, garlic, zucchini, onion, small red or green bell pepper -- sliced, ground beef

Supreme Pizza
recipe for supreme pizza

Made with black olives, mozzarella cheese, pizza shell, pizza sauce, provolone cheese, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, salami

recipe for krautzza

Made with mozzarella cheese, black olives, pizza shell, pizza sauce, sauerkraut, Italian sausage, onion, green bell pepper

Upside Down Pizza
recipe for upside down pizza

Made with ground beef or sausage, onion, bell pepper, pizza sauce, garlic salt, oregano, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, eggs

Tomato Pizza With Oregano
recipe for tomato pizza with oregano

Made with Pecorino Romano cheese, olive oil, garlic, fresh oregano, dried oregano, tomato, salt, pizza dough

Golden Gate Pizza
recipe for golden gate pizza

Made with pepperoni, thinly sliced into rounds or strips, Italian salami, thinly sliced into rounds or strips, pizza sauce, fresh mozzarella (water packed), 1/4 inch slices, Cheddar cheese, (12- to

Personal Portobello Pizza
recipe for personal portobello pizza

Made with garlic, pepperoni sausage, black olives, Mozzarella cheese, spaghetti sauce, portobello mushroom, stem removed

Pizza With White Beans Prosciutto And Rosemary
recipe for pizza with white beans prosciutto and rosemary

Made with pizza dough, cannellini beans, olive oil, fresh rosemary, garlic, crushed red pepper, marinara sauce, parmesan cheese, prosciutto

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