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2013-09-29 Valerie's Review

Every aspect of this pot pie recipe is awesome! The filling is delicious. Great flavor, good consistency, and simple to make. The crust is a standard pie crust that's pretty much foolproof. Instead of one pie dish, I made the recipe into individual pot pies in ramekins. The cooking time ended up being about the same.

This was absolutely amazing - much better than anything I've ever ordered out or bought from a store. I did make a few changes but nothing that should have affected the flavor much. First, I tripled the recipe and used pre-cooked turkey because I had so much turkey left over from Thanksgiving. Instead of the water I used broth that I made Thanksgiving night with the leftover turkey bones. I also used Trader Joe's frozen pie crusts since I was in a hurry, and I avoid anything made with hydrogenated oil. I got four pies out of this, and although it was time consuming, when you factor in the time it takes to make four dinners, it really wasn't so bad. Now I've got three frozen dinners in my freezer for nights when I'm too tired to cook! Another benefit, as one reviewer wrote, is that I know what's in the pies and can feel better about serving them to my family.

Reviewed By: Guest: ChristyBisty 2014-12-05

I don't usually review recipes, but this was exceptional! I did find it very humorous reading the reviews. It seems like a lot of people changed everything and then gave their own recipe 5 stars!

I am reviewing this recipe as it is written. I did not change anything or make substitutions. This was a huge hit with our family and they definitely preferred it over the frozen ones from the grocery store. I will certainly make these again!

Reviewed By: Guest: okMark 2014-11-13

I've been wanting good Chicken Pot Pie for weeks. I made this tonight and every taste bud is beyond happy right now.
I modified this by putting the soup in a soup bowl, used pre-made pie dough and putting only a top layer.
This will now be my "go to" comfort food!

My first time making a copy cat recipe and it turned out so much like Marie Callender's maybe even better (sorry Marie!). I'm hooked!

Love, love, love this recipe! Have made it twice and craved it every day I haven't eaten it. Added in two potatoes the second time (as I love potatoes) and the recipe was perfect. This is a now permanent item on my menu!

Reviewed By: Guest: Momof6 2014-04-22

Amazing! Hubby loved it, but I added some celery salt to it and it just pushed it over the top!

Reviewed By: Guest: Heather S 2014-03-24

Amazing dinner! Very easy to make! My husband says awesome!

Reviewed By: Guest: Tammy 2014-02-09

I have made this recipe 3 times so far, and its amazing! I tweaked the amounts of veggies to my liking, and added about 6 extra tablespoons of water when making the dough. but otherwise i followed the recipe closely and i love it. Its officially my new go-to dish to impress someone with my cooking skills haha.

Reviewed By: Guest: tony m 2014-01-18

I wish I could give ten stars. My boyfriend who is a very picky eater could not stop raving about it. Followed the recipe exactly and wouldn't change anything. I do recommend taking the extra time to make the crust. You will not be disappointed. Five minutes before you take it out of the oven brush a light coat of butter on top. Delicious!

Reviewed By: Guest: Michelle 2014-01-02

Obviously, this was a little bit of work, with a top and a bottom crust in each little ramekin. But they were so good, with a very flaky crust throughout! Really looked and tasted like the restaurant item. And so filling, I almost burst!

Reviewed By: Guest: leftyg 2013-10-07

This Pot Pie is so delicious! I have been looking for a good recipe for awhile but the "quick and easy" recipes just don't work for me. I have made this recipe multiple times and have enjoyed it every time. A few changes I made: Most important change is I vegetarian-ized it! I used vegetable broth and instead of adding the buillion to water I just cooked the first ingredients in veggie broth. I also used Quorn's Chick'n Tenders for the the chicken. for time's sake I used the Pillsbury roll-out crust. I also left out the onions and celery as I don't care for either.

Reviewed By: Guest: Rebecca\'s Kitchen 2013-10-06

This is my 1st review though I have indulged many delights this was sooo good I had to comment. This recipe is divine. I was craving pot pie (pregnant) and I actually doubled the recipe so there would be some left overs. Honestly I was shooting to make 2 pies but since I was kind of generous on my vegetable/chicken requirements I actually ended up with 3 full pies worth of filling instead of 2. I didn't have any celery on hand so I substituted that for a large bell pepper, put in about 6 organic carrots instead of 4, 2 full pounds of chicken instead of 28oz but kept the onions and peas about the same quantity as the recipe called for. My frozen peas had unfortunately developed frost-bite so I put them in the dog dish added a little of the pot pie filling on them with a bit of left over raw chicken fat and broken chunks of my left over pie crust dough scraps then stirred it up and fed it to our dog and she cleaned her bowl, as for the pot pie recipe I substituted canned sweet peas which I drained rather than the frost-bitten frozen ones and really couldn't tell the difference. The pie crust was good too but I think I may do store bought next time to save time. I made several minor changes which I feel enhanced the dish: I mixed the veggie/raw chicken mixture together in a large bowl and added about 2 tsp of salt (1 tsp if you are only doing 1 pie), I also sprinkled in 1 tsp of black pepper (half a tsp if doing 1 pie) then I mixed it well before adding to the pot. I also decided to use chicken stock to replace the water in the pot. My bouillon cubes are pre-wrapped teaspoon sized cubes so I added 6 to the pot (3 if making 1 pie), lastly I brushed the bottom layer of pie crust with a little butter and baked it all by itself for about 3 minutes on 400 degrees before filling. I believe this helped the bottom crust to cook as nice and crisp as the top crust. Be sure to brush the top crust with butter about 5 minutes before its done if you want your pie to have that golden look. The end result mine cut easy and was no trouble lifting out but I may add a little less chicken stock (water) next time because it could have been a little thicker. Someone else said theirs tasted better in the pot and I agree when everything is mixed in the pot it just taste sooo good its kind of magical and after baking it's not as heavenly but still highly exceptional. I asked my husband to taste test it on the stove for me and he ran out of the kitchen saying "oh my God!!! That is incredible!!!" then showered me with kisses :) . I may just save myself the baking time and make just a pot version and serve it as a soup alongside some biscuits next time. I live in the South, home to good soul cooking, there are a lot of unrecognized great soul food cooks out here that just cook out of their kitchen to serve loved ones and friends so I am lucky to be one of those rare people that have actually experienced a slightly better pot pie that had me dreaming about it for 10 years now, this was not that but it's definitely up there, very very close beats anything you will EVER buy in a restaurant or store, the taste goes beyond your taste buds expectations and definitely a 5 star meal you and your family or even guest will enjoy.

I hardly ever write reviews but I have to for this one. I've made this pot pie at least five times and keep coming back to it. Everyone I've made it for has loved it. I'll never make a different pot pie recipie. Its delicious! I always just buy pie crust though. It's a lot less work and just as good. :-)

Reviewed By: Guest: Emily 2013-05-30

Seriously!!! Try it! Its much better than Marie's. My husband says I'm a pot pie queen, i love them! But I've never made one that taste this good. I don't care for the rosemary in most, this doesn't have that. Only thing i would do different is i didn't care much for the crust....i truthfully would have just as soon used a pre-made crust. Next time i will do to the fact it takes a while, makes a mess etc... The filling though is great. I don't care for the chicken in Marie's it taste "gamey" to me. I like using my own!!!! So i know whats in it. This is a great pot pie, if you like this sort of thing give it a try, and use a premade crust the first time then decide if you want to make one homemade.

Reviewed By: Guest: kymomma05 2012-01-01

I may never buy frozen pot pies again. I used my own crust recipe, but this filling is awesome. Its better than Marie Callenders because i know exactly whats in this one, from quality of the meat and veggies, to the fact that there is no chemical stabilizers in it. It was perfect.

I have to admit I was nervous, this was the first pot pie I have ever made. I love it, my picky kids even loved it. The title should say better then Marie callender's.LOL. I did a few things different. I didn't use onions; and I put in mixed vegis. WONDERFUL WONDERFUL!!!

Everyone says this is the best pot pie ever! It is the only recipe I use for pot pie and will probably always be. Even my daughters love it. If I am running short on time, I substitute the homemade pie crust for the ready made Pillsbury pie crust and it is just as good. You will not be disappointed with this recipe :)

Reviewed By: Guest: My3Girls 2010-11-29

I made this recipe over the was in my husband's words 'the best pot pie I've ever eaten!' Delicious filling and flaky crust. The only things I did different was that I added some diced pototoes to the filling and did not use celery. All four of my VERY picky kids loved it. I bought some custard dishes to make them mini-personal pot pies. They were a hit. Can't say enough good things about this recipe! Was exactly what I wanted.

This was fantastic!! Best filling and even better crust! I'd just add more carrots and maybe some more peas.

Totally surprised.

Reviewed By: Guest: BK 2009-12-10

I tried this recipe last night and it was a hit! The odd thing is, the filling was PERFECT before I scooped it into the crust, but after the pie came out of the oven, it didn't taste quite the same. Perhaps I'll add a tad more chicken bouillon next time.

Reviewed By: Guest: Gayle 2008-09-14

I have made this recipe twice now and it is delicious! I followed the recipe exactly and the flavor is perfect. I think it tastes as good or better than the chicken pot pie from Marie Callendar's. It's a little bit of work, but definitely worth it. I have also frozen them. Even reheated in the oven, they are delicious and better than anything you can buy in the frozens.

Reviewed By: Guest: Bonnie 2008-05-15

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