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Fun Food Holidays™ June 21st is National Peaches and Cream Day

National Peaches and Cream Day

Ah, reunited and it feels so good. Not Peaches and Herb, peaches and cream! A dessert or snack of fresh, natural ingredients deserves twenty-four hours of recognition. Hence, National Peaches and Cream Day. I hope you remembered to ask your boss for the day off!

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Peaches And Cream Gelato
recipe for peaches and cream gelato

Made with peach schnapps liqueur, optional, heavy whipping cream, egg yolks, sugar, whole milk, water, peaches

Perfect Peaches And Cream Muffins
recipe for perfect peaches and cream muffins

Made with cream cheese, milk, oil, eggs, salt, baking powder, sugar, flour, canned peaches, drained (save juice)

Impossible Peaches and Cream Pie
recipe for impossible peaches and cream pie

Made with butter, peaches, ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg, whipping cream, eggs, sugar, Bisquick, whipped cream

Poached Peaches With Cinnamon Ice Cream
recipe for poached peaches with cinnamon ice cream

Made with puréed raspberries to serve, cane sugar, egg yolks, ground cinnamon, cornflour, slaked with a little water, milk, vanilla pod, seeds removed, orange juice for poaching, peaches

Peaches And Cream Pudding
recipe for peaches and cream pudding

Made with milk, (15 ounce size) peach slices in natural juice, drained, juice reserved, vanilla pudding & pie filling mix

Peaches And Cream Bars
recipe for peaches and cream bars

Made with almond extract, sugar, whipping cream, lemon, white nectarines, white peaches, butter, amaretti cookies

Peaches n' Cream Cups
recipe for peaches n' cream cups

Made with sliced peaches drained and chopped, vanilla extract, cream cheese, carton (6 oz. size) peach yogurt, ground ginger, gingersnap cookie crumbled

Peaches And Cream French Toast
recipe for peaches and cream french toast

Made with salt, cornstarch, sugar (cut sugar way down if your are using juice from frozen peaches), peach syrup, nutmeg, peach preserves, light cream, eggs, loaf French Bread sliced diagonally into

Georgia Peaches-and-Cream Cake
recipe for georgia peaches-and-cream cake

Made with tapioca, nutmeg, all-purpose flour, brown sugar, margarine, chilled, cinnamon, sour cream, baking soda

Easy Peaches And Cream Cobbler
recipe for easy peaches and cream cobbler

Made with cinnamon, cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar, yellow cake mix, peaches

Peaches 'n Cream No-Bake Cheesecake
recipe for peaches 'n cream no-bake cheesecake

Made with tub (8 oz. size) Cool Whip, thawed, fresh peaches, package peach flavor gelatin, cream cheese, sugar, butter, graham cracker crumbs

Broiled Peaches With Bourbon Cream And Pecans
recipe for broiled peaches with bourbon cream and pecans

Made with lightly toasted, coarsely chopped pecans, powdered sugar, bourbon whiskey, heavy cream, brown sugar, large, firm-ripe peaches, cut in half and stones removed

Peaches 'n Cream Pancakes
recipe for peaches 'n cream pancakes

Made with cream, biscuit baking mix, egg, milk, brown sugar, cinnamon, peaches

Peaches 'n Cream Pie
recipe for peaches 'n cream pie

Made with ground cinnamon, sugar, cream cheese, canned sliced peaches, milk, egg, butter, vanilla pudding mix, all-purpose flour

Baked Peaches & Cream French Toast
recipe for baked peaches & cream french toast

Made with peach preserves, butter, Sliced peaches - fresh, canned, or frozen (thawed), loaf French, Italian, challah, or other white specialty bread, sliced, nutmeg, light cream, eggs

Peaches 'n Cream
recipe for peaches 'n cream

Made with peaches, sugar, Fruit Fresh, lemon, heavy cream

Peaches & Cream
recipe for peaches & cream

Made with ice cream or whipped topping, butter or margarine, brown sugar, Raisins or pecans, to taste, white cake mix, frozen peaches, divided, (20-ounce) can crushed pineapple in its own juice

Peaches And Cream Power Shake
recipe for peaches and cream power shake

Made with ice cubes, ground flaxseed, soy protein powder (optional), honey, plain yogurt, diced fresh peaches, peach-flavored white tea bag, water

Peaches & Cream Cookies
recipe for peaches & cream cookies

Made with walnuts, baking soda, salt, all-purpose flour, fresh peaches -- pitted and chopped, eggs, sugar, shortening

Manhattan Peaches 'n Cream
recipe for manhattan peaches 'n cream

Made with peach halves, drained if using canned, crushed cookies or slivered almonds, sour cream or plain yogurt, almond extract, amaretto, brown sugar

Sauteed Peaches With Ice Cream
recipe for sauteed peaches with ice cream

Made with vanilla ice cream, orange-flavored liqueur, peaches, sugar, butter or margarine

Peaches & Cream Muffins
recipe for peaches & cream muffins

Made with chopped fresh or frozen peaches, thawed, salt, baking powder, sugar, flour, vegetable oil, milk or sour cream, egg

Elegant Peaches And Cream Cake
recipe for elegant peaches and cream cake

Made with butter, melted, cooled, almond extract, sugar, eggs, nutmeg, baking powder, finely chopped toasted almonds, flour

Peaches and Cream
recipe for peaches and cream

Made with Cereal, cream, peaches

Fresh Peaches In Strawberry Cream
recipe for fresh peaches in strawberry cream

Made with heavy whipping cream, whipped stiff, vanilla extract, fresh ripe peaches, peeled, pitted and sliced, lemon, water, sugar, strawberries

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