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Fun Food Holidays™ January 2nd is National Buffet DayNational Buffet Day

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Buffet Tuna Salad
recipe for buffet tuna salad

Made with head chicory, chicken stock, bread crumbs, mayonnaise, white pepper, red bell pepper, garlic, onion, celery, (6 oz. size) tuna

Chinese Buffet Style Donuts
recipe for chinese buffet style donuts

Made with oil, refrigerated biscuit dough, sugar

Buffet Wonton Soup
recipe for buffet wonton soup

Made with fresh ginger root, cornstarch, hot pepper sauce, wonton wrappers, chicken broth, soy sauce, sesame oil, chili paste, salt and freshly ground black pepper

Buffet Burgers
recipe for buffet burgers

Made with thyme, marjoram, salt, lean ground chuck or round, wheat germ, eggs, half-and-half, onion, Worcestershire sauce

Buffet Potatoes
recipe for buffet potatoes

Made with cornflakes, Cheddar cheese, frozen hash brown potatoes, margarine, onion, cream of chicken soup, sour cream

Southern Belle Buffet Casserole
recipe for southern belle buffet casserole

Made with whole blanched almonds, halved or slivered, onions, green bell pepper, celery, pork sausage, water, envelopes chicken noodle soup mix, rice

Buffet Sandwich
recipe for buffet sandwich

Made with mozzarella cheese, Swiss cheese, salami, pimiento loaf, cooked ham, lettuce, prepared mustard, butter or margarine, mayonnaise, French bread

Buffet Chicken Salad
recipe for buffet chicken salad

Made with black pepper, dry mustard, salt, light cream, cooked or canned chicken, celery, lemon juice, green and or red grapes, almonds, mayonnaise or salad dressing

Broccoli Buffet Salad
recipe for broccoli buffet salad

Made with salt and pepper, lemon juice, broccoli, red onion, sunflower seeds, raisins, feta cheese, plain low-fat yogurt, mayonnaise, sugar

Buffet Brisket With Barbecue Sauce
recipe for buffet brisket with barbecue sauce

Made with ketchup, oil, cider vinegar, corn syrup, prepared mustard, horseradish, water, beef brisket, cornstarch, tomatoes

Buffet Party Dill and Almond Shrimp Casserole
recipe for buffet party dill and almond shrimp casserole

Made with cream of mushroom soup, light cream, salt, dill seeds, almonds, butter or olive oil, instant rice, water, butter

Buffet Rice Salad
recipe for buffet rice salad

Made with dried oregano, Dijon mustard, garlic, salt, black pepper, kidney beans, frozen peas, ham, radishes, green bell pepper

Turkey Buffet Casserole
recipe for turkey buffet casserole

Made with cooked turkey, American cheese, noodles, frozen broccoli spears, butter or margarine, flour, salt, prepared mustard, black pepper, milk

Spinach-Broccoli Buffet Casserole
recipe for spinach-broccoli buffet casserole

Made with Cheddar cheese, salt, frozen chopped spinach, frozen chopped broccoli, sour cream, onion soup mix

Chinese Buffet Green Beans
recipe for chinese buffet green beans

Made with soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, garlic, peanut or sesame oil, green beans

Buffet Biscuits
recipe for buffet biscuits

Made with milk, eggs, green onions, Parmesan cheese, box (40 oz size) Biscuit mix

Buffet-Style Oriental Fried Chicken Wings
recipe for buffet-style oriental fried chicken wings

Made with chicken wings, flour, cornstarch, sugar, salt, sesame seed, soy sauce, green onions, garlic, eggs

Party Buffet Composed Salad
recipe for party buffet composed salad

Made with frozen mixed vegetables, cooked peeled potatoes, bell pepper, carrots, tomatoes, radishes, scallions, celery, hard-boiled eggs, iceberg lettuce

Creamy Buffet Mashed Potatoes
recipe for creamy buffet mashed potatoes

Made with butter, black pepper, salt, flour, potatoes, cream cheese, onion, eggs

Simple Buffet Potato And Green Bean Salad
recipe for simple buffet potato and green bean salad

Made with parsley, red onion, Coarse sea salt and freshly ground pepper, olive oil, balsamic or red wine vinegar, Dijon or whole-grain mustard, Fresh green beans -- ends snapped off, New potatoes --

Buffet Roast
recipe for buffet roast

Made with salt and pepper, apple, peeled cored and sliced, onion, (28 oz) whole tomatoes undrained, brown sugar, (27 oz) sauerkraut drained, boneless chuck or similar beef roast (3 lb)

Buffet Style Sirloin Steak Sandwiches
recipe for buffet style sirloin steak sandwiches

Made with pickle spears, whole wheat buns, sirloin steak, white onion, red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, sliced portabello mushrooms, brown gravy mix, water

Buffet Taco Salad
recipe for buffet taco salad

Made with taco seasoning mix, kidney beans, Cheddar cheese, onion, lettuce, enchilada sauce, tomatoes, black olives, guacamole, sour cream

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