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Fun Food Holidays™ December 2nd is National Fritters Day

National Fritters Day

National Fritters Day is a good occasion to introduce you to CDK's hundreds of fritter recipes. Fritters are foods that are battered and fried, and can serve as an entree item, side dish, or dessert, depending on what you're frying.

CDK has recipes for corn fritters, eggplant fritters, apple fritters, crab cakes (technically a fritter!), and much more. Print out as many as you like. They're free!

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Cheese Stuffed Potato Fritters
recipe for cheese stuffed potato fritters

Made with all-purpose flour, Mozzarella cheese -- cut into 10 slices, baking potatoes -- peeled and cut into 1/8's, butter or margarine, egg yolks, fresh parsley, salt, black pepper, ground nutmeg

Blueberry Fritters
recipe for blueberry fritters

Made with powdered sugar, vegetable oil, milk, egg, salt, sugar, baking powder, all-purpose flour, blueberries, flour

Pineapple Banana Fritters
recipe for pineapple banana fritters

Made with vegetable oil, egg, milk, banana, chopped fresh pineapple, drained, salt, ground ginger, sugar, baking powder, all-purpose flour

Artichoke Fritters
recipe for artichoke fritters

Made with lemon, vegetable oil, club soda, egg whites, water, salt, baking powder, all-purpose flour, lemon juice, artichokes

Catfish Fritters
recipe for catfish fritters

Made with eggs, butter, whole milk, catfish or salt codfish, pepper, scallions, garlic, fresh parsley, thyme, allspice berry

Corn Fritters with Serrano Chutney
recipe for corn fritters with serrano chutney

Made with chopped serrano chiles, fresh or frozen corn kernels, partly cooked and cooled, egg whites, egg yolks or equivalent egg substitute, lightly beaten, low-fat milk, black pepper, sugar, baking

Pear Fritters
recipe for pear fritters

Made with cinnamon-sugar, for garnish, optional, vanilla ice cream, for garnish, optional, vegetable oil, peeled and cored pears, self-rising flour, sour cream, ground cinnamon, sugar, egg, milk

Cinnamon Spiced Northwest Pear Fritters
recipe for cinnamon spiced northwest pear fritters

Made with Northwest Anjou or Bosc pear, eggs, ground nutmeg, salt, ground cinnamon, active dry yeast, flour, honey, vegetable oil, milk

Clam Fritters
recipe for clam fritters

Made with oil, butter, egg, salt, baking powder, flour, (6.5 oz) can chopped clams, with juice

Carrot Fritters
recipe for carrot fritters

Made with prepared mustard, salad oil, parsley, paprika, salt, flour, eggs, water, onion, carrots

Rice Fritters (Bombones De Arroz)
recipe for rice fritters (bombones de arroz)

Made with eggs (beaten until frothy), nutmeg, oil, rice, sugar, icing sugar (for sprinkling), flour, vanilla extract, baking powder

Hominy Fritters
recipe for hominy fritters

Made with Honey or syrup, for serving, vegetable oil, rinsed and drained hominy, milk, eggs, salt, sugar, baking powder, all-purpose flour, whole-wheat flour

Akkra Funfun (Benin)
recipe for akkra funfun (benin)

Made with cayenne pepper, dried white beans, water, salt, oil, onions

Cherry Fritters
recipe for cherry fritters

Made with Hot oil for frying, milk -- approximately, butter, egg, baking powder, salt, flour, brandy, kirsch, or rum, sugar, cherries -- pitted and drained

recipe for buquelos

Made with sugar and cinnamon mixture or sugar and ground cloves, oil or fat for frying, butter, milk, eggs, flour, sugar, baking powder, salt

Apple Fritters With Applejack Custard Sauce
recipe for apple fritters with applejack custard sauce

Made with egg, sugar, half and half, flour, baking powder, salt, apples, peeled and cut into 8 wedges each, oil, powdered sugar

Squash Fritters
recipe for squash fritters

Made with butter, eggs, flour, pepper, salt, sugar, onion, grated raw summer squash

Dixie Crossroads\' Corn Fritters
recipe for dixie crossroads\' corn fritters

Made with powdered sugar, whole corn, oil, flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, eggs, milk, liquid butter

Nava's Sonoma Jack Cheese Fritters
recipe for nava's sonoma jack cheese fritters

Made with all-purpose flour, oregano, cilantro, dry jack cheese, diced, milk, buttermilk, eggs, butter, garlic, red onion

Bisquick Corn Fritters
recipe for bisquick corn fritters

Made with Bisquick, milk, egg, corn

Zucchini Fritters
recipe for zucchini fritters

Made with flour, eggs, black pepper, lemon peel, fresh mint, finely chopped, fresh dill, feta cheese, olive oil, scallions, zucchini, cut in 1/4-inch cubes

Crab Fritters With Lemon Mayonnaise
recipe for crab fritters with lemon mayonnaise

Made with self-rising flour, corn meal, stalk celery - minced, parsley, roasted red bell pepper - minced, roasted green bell pepper - minced, onion - minced, garlic, crab meat

Padre Island Clam Fritters
recipe for padre island clam fritters

Made with onion, eggs, parsley, all-purpose flour, butter, milk, salt, baking powder, clams

Peach Fritters
recipe for peach fritters

Made with lemon juice, salt, flour, egg, whipping cream, vanilla extract, milk, baking powder, butter, sugar

Apple Pie Fritters
recipe for apple pie fritters

Made with ground cinnamon, butter, egg yolk, brandy, milk, milk, MINUS, salt, baking powder, sugar, all-purpose flour

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