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Fun Food Holidays™ November 4th is National Candy Day

National Candy Day

Now that the kids have collected as much candy as possible from the neighbors, many parents have to consider how to ensure that their child consumes the sweets in moderation. CDK can help, with many recipes for leftover Halloween candy. Look them over today, National Candy Day!

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Cream Cheese Balls
recipe for cream cheese balls

Made with chocolate, cream cheese, pecans

Apricot Raisin Candy
recipe for apricot raisin candy

Made with package slivered almonds, unflavored gelatin, salt, cornstarch, sugar, water, dried apricots, raisins

Rice Brittle
recipe for rice brittle

Made with puffed rice, vanilla extract, brown sugar, water, butter or butter substitute, cream of tartar, vinegar

Chocolate Cherry Cordials
recipe for chocolate cherry cordials

Made with dipping chocolate, maraschino cherries, butter, corn syrup, confectioners' sugar

Salty Chips
recipe for salty chips

Made with milk chocolate chips, oil, Rippled potato chips

Instant Candy
recipe for instant candy

Made with peanuts or walnuts, raisins, butterscotch chips, chocolate chips

Chocolate Toffee Crunch Squares
recipe for chocolate toffee crunch squares

Made with Paper candy cups (optional), shortening, white chips, sweetened coconut flakes (optional), halved pretzel sticks, peanuts, toffee bits, (11.5 oz. size) milk chocolate chips

Stix & Stones
recipe for stix & stones

Made with dried cranberries, chow mein noodles, cocktail peanuts, hazelnuts, peanut butter chips, white chocolate chips, nutella

Pay Day-Style Candy Bars
recipe for pay day-style candy bars

Made with dry roasted peanuts, water, powdered sugar, salt, vanilla, corn syrup, peanut butter, milk, caramel squares

recipe for buckeyes

Made with shortening, butter, powdered sugar, creamy peanut butter, semisweet chocolate pieces

Butterscotch Tam O'Shanters
recipe for butterscotch tam o'shanters

Made with sugar, walnuts, brown sugar, water, corn syrup, vinegar, salt, butterscotch chips

Caramel Candy Cookies
recipe for caramel candy cookies

Made with marshmallows, caramels, condensed milk, butter, crisp rice cereal, nuts

Confetti Pops
recipe for confetti pops

Made with popsicle sticks, candy sprinkles (as used for cookie decorating), chocolate frosting, vanilla frosting, puffed rice cereal, miniature marshmallows, butter

Abenaki Pumpkin Candy
recipe for abenaki pumpkin candy

Made with fresh cilantro, pumpkin, baking soda, sugar, water, lemon

Carrot Candy
recipe for carrot candy

Made with ground cinnamon, ground ginger, lemon juice, orange juice, granulated sugar plus more for sprinkling, carrots, peeled and cut into 1/2-inch chunks

Malted Milk Balls
recipe for malted milk balls

Made with milk chocolate, white chocolate, malted milk powder

Easy Christmas Candy
recipe for easy christmas candy

Made with mini candy-coated chocolate pieces, vanilla baking chips, vegetable oil

Buckeye Candy
recipe for buckeye candy

Made with dark dipping chocolate, butter, confectioners/powdered sugar, peanut butter, vanilla extract

Gummy Bears
recipe for gummy bears

Made with water, flavored gelatin powder, unflavored gelatin powder

Rocky Road Candy
recipe for rocky road candy

Made with miniature marshmallows, chocolate almond bark, peanut butter, rice crispy cereal

Booze Balls
recipe for booze balls

Made with powdered sugar, corn syrup, brown booze of your choice (e.g., brandy), good cocoa, nuts (e.g., walnuts), boxes vanilla wafers

Chocolate Rum Sticks
recipe for chocolate rum sticks

Made with solid white vegetable shortening, dark chocolate extra, rum, egg yolk, butter, dark chocolate

Giant Chocolate Kiss
recipe for giant chocolate kiss

Made with walnuts, vanilla extract, milk, butter, cocoa powder, powdered sugar

Double Chocolate Gems
recipe for double chocolate gems

Made with vanilla caramels, quartered, vanilla extract, flour, eggs, sugar, butter, (12 oz. size) mini semi-sweet chocolate chips, divided

Martha Washington Candy
recipe for martha washington candy

Made with paraffin wax, chocolate chips, pecans, margarine, sweetened condensed milk, confectioners' sugar, coconut, vanilla extract, salt

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