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Fun Food Holidays™ November 4th is National Candy Day

National Candy Day

Now that the kids have collected as much candy as possible from the neighbors, many parents have to consider how to ensure that their child consumes the sweets in moderation. CDK can help, with many recipes for leftover Halloween candy. Look them over today, National Candy Day!

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Gummi Bears
recipe for gummi bears

Made with water, unflavored gelatin powder, flavored gelatin powder

Chocolate Candies
recipe for chocolate candies

Made with unsweetened shredded toasted coconut, nut slivers, such as almond or pistachio, good quality milk or dark chocolate, finely chopped, white chocolate

Butter Crunch
recipe for butter crunch

Made with semisweet chocolate pieces, nuts, corn syrup, water, sugar, butter

14-Minute Maple Candy
recipe for 14-minute maple candy

Made with lemon extract, maple syrup, cream, butter, nut

Rocky Road Candy
recipe for rocky road candy

Made with miniature marshmallows, chocolate almond bark, peanut butter, rice crispy cereal

Sesame Seed Brittle
recipe for sesame seed brittle

Made with sunflower seeds, whole, unblanched almonds, toasted, hulled sesame seeds, toasted, sugar, honey, vegetable oil

Heavenly Saltine Cracker Treats
recipe for heavenly saltine cracker treats

Made with chocolate chips, butter, sugar, saltine crackers

Red Coconut Balls
recipe for red coconut balls

Made with condensed milk (NOT evaporated), (3 oz size) strawberry gelatin powder, (7 oz size) sweetened flaked coconut

recipe for bugs

Made with chow mein noodles, peanuts, butterscotch chips, chocolate chips

Red Hot Molded Hearts
recipe for red hot molded hearts

Made with applesauce, strawberry gelatin powder, water, red-hot candies

recipe for nonpareils

Made with chocolate, colored sprinkles

Chocolate Frangos
recipe for chocolate frangos

Made with vanilla wafer crumbs, vanilla extract, peppermint extract, butter, powdered sugar, unsweetened baking chocolate, eggs

Chocolate Millionaires
recipe for chocolate millionaires

Made with semisweet chocolate chips, caramels, pecan pieces, paraffin wax, milk

Nutty Bonbon Pops
recipe for nutty bonbon pops

Made with Chopped nuts, cocoa nibs or sprinkles, butter, cashew butter, vanilla extract, sea salt, confectioners' sugar, semi-sweet chocolate

Chocolate Rum Sticks
recipe for chocolate rum sticks

Made with solid white vegetable shortening, dark chocolate extra, rum, egg yolk, butter, dark chocolate

Caramel Pecan Rolls
recipe for caramel pecan rolls

Made with milk, pecans, vanilla caramels, creamy white frosting mix (2 layer cake size), butter

Kiwi Fruit Jellies
recipe for kiwi fruit jellies

Made with green food coloring, liquid pectin, butter, sugar, lemon, kiwi fruit

Rainbow Party Wafers
recipe for rainbow party wafers

Made with flavor extracts, food coloring, chocolate candy wafers, whipped topping mix

Chocolate Characters
recipe for chocolate characters

Made with semi-sweet chocolate chips, sugar, water, unflavored gelatin

Candy Balls
recipe for candy balls

Made with vanilla extract, chocolate candies, pecans, vanilla wafer crumbs

Coffee Crunch
recipe for coffee crunch

Made with baking soda sifted after measuring, corn syrup, coffee, sugar

Carrot Candy
recipe for carrot candy

Made with ground cinnamon, ground ginger, lemon juice, orange juice, granulated sugar plus more for sprinkling, carrots, peeled and cut into 1/2-inch chunks

Pecan Brittle
recipe for pecan brittle

Made with baking soda, vanilla, butter, salt, corn syrup, sugar, pecans

Soda Cracker Chocolate Candy
recipe for soda cracker chocolate candy

Made with coarsely chopped nuts (almonds or walnuts), semi sweet choc chips, brown sugar, butter, soda crackers

Mexican Pecan Candy
recipe for mexican pecan candy

Made with chopped pecans (not too small), vanilla extract, salt, evaporated milk, cream, corn syrup, brown sugar, dark brown sugar, sugar, butter

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