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Fun Food Holidays™ November 4th is National Candy Day

National Candy Day

Now that the kids have collected as much candy as possible from the neighbors, many parents have to consider how to ensure that their child consumes the sweets in moderation. CDK can help, with many recipes for leftover Halloween candy. Look them over today, National Candy Day!

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Triple Chocolate Candy Cane Kisses
recipe for triple chocolate candy cane kisses

Made with candy canes, (3-oz. size) white chocolate bar, (3-oz. size) milk chocolate bar, (3-oz. size) semisweet chocolate bars

Rock Candy
recipe for rock candy

Made with sugar, distilled water

Cherry Almond Chocolate Cluster
recipe for cherry almond chocolate cluster

Made with almonds, cherries, dried tart, coarsely chopped, dark chocolate, 72% cacao, finely chopped

Almond Nougat
recipe for almond nougat

Made with candied cherries, almonds, corn syrup, sugar, salt, water, egg whites, almond extract, red or green food coloring, butter or margarine

Cherry Cashew Nut Candy
recipe for cherry cashew nut candy

Made with dried and grated coconut, chocolate, shortening, coffee, candied cherries, cashew nuts

recipe for brickle

Made with bags almonds, toasted & chopped, butter or margarine, sugar, pecans, chocolate candy bars

Buttery Caramel Quicks
recipe for buttery caramel quicks

Made with cinnamon, milk, salt, baking powder, sugar, all-purpose flour, water, brown sugar, butter or margarine

Chocolate Candy
recipe for chocolate candy

Made with walnuts, vanilla extract, semi-sweet chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk, butterscotch chips, aluminum foil

Chocolate Covered Peanuts
recipe for chocolate covered peanuts

Made with peanuts, water, corn syrup, semisweet chocolate chips

Hard Crack Candy
recipe for hard crack candy

Made with water, corn syrup, butter to grease pans, sugar (cane)

Easter Coated Pretzels
recipe for easter coated pretzels

Made with pretzels, coating or chocolate

Broken Glass Candy
recipe for broken glass candy

Made with oil flavoring, sugar, confectioners' sugar, corn syrup, water, food coloring

Eggsquisite Easter Baskets
recipe for eggsquisite easter baskets

Made with butterscotch chips, peanut butter, shredded wheat biscuits, crumbled

Candy Bar Munch Bar
recipe for candy bar munch bar

Made with corn syrup, peanuts, butter, sugar

Apricot Raisin Candy
recipe for apricot raisin candy

Made with package slivered almonds, unflavored gelatin, salt, cornstarch, sugar, water, dried apricots, raisins

Peanut Pattie Candy
recipe for peanut pattie candy

Made with salt, butter or margarine, red food coloring, sugar, water, light corn syrup, peanuts

Fruit Loop Candy
recipe for fruit loop candy

Made with fruit loops cereal, salted peanut halves, crisp rice cereal, colored (fruit flavored) marshmallows, almond bark

Strawberry Divinity
recipe for strawberry divinity

Made with coconut, chopped nuts, (3 oz.) pkg. strawberry Jello, egg whites, water, corn syrup, sugar

recipe for mija

Made with chocolate bars (full size), water, corn syrup, (3 1/2 ounce size) slivered almonds, sugar, butter

Chocolate-Covered Matzo
recipe for chocolate-covered matzo

Made with semisweet chocolate chips, butter or margarine, dark brown sugar, unsalted matzo

Scottish Tablet
recipe for scottish tablet

Made with water, butter, tin condensed milk, sugar

Goldfish Candies
recipe for goldfish candies

Made with pretzels, original flavor fish-shaped crackers, shortening, butterscotch chips

Chocolate On A Stick
recipe for chocolate on a stick

Made with plastic sleeve lollipop covers, lollipop sticks, candy lollipop molds, chocolate candy coating (e.g., almond bark)

Make Your Own Bubble Gum
recipe for make your own bubble gum

Made with flavoring, gum base, powdered sugar, corn syrup, glycerine, citric acid

Chocolate Walnut Brittle
recipe for chocolate walnut brittle

Made with baking soda, vanilla extract, walnuts, unsweetened chocolate, butter, in bits, water, corn syrup, sugar, non-stick cooking spray

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