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Easy Weight Watchers® Points Calculator

Take the mystery out of dieting. Using this calculator you can enter in the calories, fiber and fat of the food or total recipe you wish to find points for:

Enter numbers only!

Grams of Fiber
Grams of Fat

healthy eating guidelines

Low Fat

For a healthy diet you should consume no more than 25-30% of your calories per day from fat. Low fat foods contain 3g or less of fat per serving, or per 100 calories.

Low Sodium

Low sodium foods contain 140mg or less of sodium per serving. To put that in perspective, 1/4 teaspoon of salt contains 600mg of sodium. Also don't forget that some ingredients contain high amounts of sodium. 1 teaspoon of baking soda has 1,000mg of sodium. 100grams of sun-dried tomatoes has over 2,000mg of sodium! Watch for sodium in cheeses, cured meats, and condiments.

Low Carbohydrate

The USDA has long ignored low-carb diets as a means of losing weight and getting healthy so there are no federal standards on what low carb can be defined as. Most low carb diets have their own limits and allowed foods and many have a sliding scale of requirements based on how long you are on the diet. Most agree, however, that carbs consumed should be from low carb vegetables (green, leafy vegetables) or whole grains (complex carbs). You should avoid sugars and other quick-burning carbs. A good guideline for eating low carb if you are not following a specific diet is to keep your carb calories under 30% of your total calories.

Grams To Calories

Fat: 1g = 9 calories
Carbs: 1g = 4 calories
Protein: 1g = 4 calories

Weight Watchers and POINTS are registered trademarks of Weight Watchers International, Inc. is not affiliated with Weight Watchers International in any way. Before starting any diet program consult with your doctor. This calculator may or may not fit with current Weight Watchers® guidelines. Please consult Weight Watchers® for the most up to date information.

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