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Photo of Balsamic Green Bean Salad Recipe on CDKitchen
Balsamic Green Bean Salad

Fresh green beans are blanched then tossed with red onion and a balsamic vinaigrette then topped with toasted sesame seeds.
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Photo of Mushroom Wild Rice Recipe on CDKitchen
Mushroom Wild Rice

Mushrooms and a combination of brown and wild rice are slow cooked in a rich broth made from beef consomme and French onion soup.
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Photo of Pan-Fried Meatloaf In Tricolor Peppers Recipe on CDKitchen
Pan-Fried Meatloaf In Tricolor Peppers

A new twist on stuffed peppers! In this version, bell pepper rings are filled with a tasty meatloaf mixture, browned in a pan, then baked until cooked through.
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Photo of Azalea Cocktail Recipe on CDKitchen
Azalea Cocktail

A perfect spring cocktail! Lime juice, pineapple juice, gin, and grenadine are mixed in a cocktail shaker with ice. You can also add some heavy whipping cream if desired.
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Photo of Cajun-Style Fish Gumbo Recipe on CDKitchen
Cajun-Style Fish Gumbo

A rich gumbo made with salmon, tilapia, a mix of seafood, okra, and tomatoes.
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Photo of Oven Fried Rice Recipe on CDKitchen
Oven Fried Rice

This is a fix it and forget it style fried rice recipe. It tastes like your favorite Chinese fried rice but it's baked in the oven instead.
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Photo of Linguini With Shrimp And Bay Scallops In A Creamy Tomato Vodka Sauce Recipe on CDKitchen
Linguini With Shrimp And Bay Scallops In A Creamy Tomato Vodka Sauce

Shrimp and scallops are cooked in a tomato sauce made with diced tomatoes, vodka, garlic, and heavy cream and then tossed with pasta before serving.
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Photo of Mexican Pork Steaks Recipe on CDKitchen
Mexican Pork Steaks

Pork steaks are pan seared then simmered in a seasoned salsa mixture until tender.
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Photo of Tossed Green Salad With Chicken And Crushed Black Pepper Recipe on CDKitchen
Tossed Green Salad With Chicken And Crushed Black Pepper

A light and tasty salad made with mixed salad greens, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, red onion, carrots, cucumbers, cooked chicken and your favorite salad dressing.
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Photo of Ranch Mushrooms Recipe on CDKitchen
Ranch Mushrooms

Just three ingredients in this popular crock pot recipe: fresh mushrooms, butter, and ranch salad dressing mix. You'll be surprised by how delicious these mushrooms are and how simple they are to make in your crock pot.
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Photo of Creamy Zucchini With Linguine Recipe on CDKitchen
Creamy Zucchini With Linguine

Diced zucchini is sauteed with garlic and crushed red pepper, then mixed with a white sauce, pasta, and parmesan cheese.
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Photo of Basil Baked Fries Recipe on CDKitchen
Basil Baked Fries

Red potatoes are cut into sticks, coated with a mixture of Parmesan cheese, oil, basil and garlic powder, and baked until crisp.
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Photo of Chicken Caesar Salad Wraps Recipe on CDKitchen
Chicken Caesar Salad Wraps

Chicken is tossed with romaine lettuce, water chestnuts, tomato, and Caesar salad dressing and wrapped in a fresh tortilla.
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Photo of Haricots Verts With Shaved Parmesan Recipe on CDKitchen
Haricots Verts With Shaved Parmesan

Thin green beans are tossed with a blend of sour cream and lemon juice and topped with shaved Parmesan cheese.
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Photo of Cheesecake with Cake Mix Recipe on CDKitchen
Cheesecake with Cake Mix

Cheesecake with a twist! The crust is made from dry cake mix and it also uses cake mix in the cheesecake batter. Top with your choice of fruit pie filling flavor.
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Photo of Cajun Deviled Eggs Recipe on CDKitchen
Cajun Deviled Eggs

A great way to use up leftover Easter eggs! These deviled eggs are spiced up with jalapenos, cumin, and cayenne. They have a tasty bite to them without being overpowering.
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