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I had just been to the restaurant and must have received the bottom of the kettle as a take out so I didn't get my usual "fix". I started searching the web and found this recipe. WOW!! I have made this several times and doubled the batch a couple of times. This is REALLY good and a great "jumping off" point. I freeze this is quart containers without pasta then when reheating I cook my noodles separately and add to the base when i am ready to serve

My mom used to make this when we were kids and for some reason I had a craving for some. This recipe is very good, although I made it with italian sweet sausage insted of ground beef, like she used to.

I have tried making this soup both ways you have it on the recipe. I find that it is tastier with the chunky pasta suace rather than the crushed tomatoes. I also like the 1/2 cup of bouillon granules better than the 1 Knorr cube. Very tasty recipe & most of all a very close copy cat! I enjoy many of your copy cat recipes.

Reviewed By: Guest: 5 time granny 2008-03-12

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