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Pretty close to real worcestershire sauce. good job!

Reviewed By: Guest: Anonymous 2013-11-10

So, I went to grab my worcestershire sauce from the fridge and ended up dropping the bottle and shattering it. W-sauce everywhere! I needed it desparately for the dinner I was cooking for TWELVE PEOPLE and no time to run to the store. Thank you CDKITCHEN for having this lifesaving (well, dinner saving) recipe to try. I think it tasted just like regular W-sauce and it saved my dinner. I'll keep this recipe handy for the next time I'm clutsy.

Reviewed By: Guest: Oops I Did It Again 2013-07-10

She did say Worcestershire not Lea Perrins :) Much better than Heinz and I have many who are vegetarian so this is great. Thank you. (I use anchovy for me).

Reviewed By: Guest: WaxBean 2012-12-27

This is a good facsimile and much less work. I agree with the previous review about the anchovies. I add about a teaspoon or so of anchovy paste with good results.

Reviewed By: Guest: jrl 2009-01-08

For this recipe there is one thing missing that states very plainly on the ingredients on the Lea & Perins bottle - anchovies

CDKitchen Note: Sure, but does this recipe taste close enough to the real thing withOUT the anchovies? Reviewers, let us know! I'm sure there are a lot of vegetarians who would like a Worcestershire sauce alternative to the ones with anchovies!

Reviewed By: Guest: dbknread 2008-01-23

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