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Made this soup today. My husband, who is Italian, and a picky eater ate 2 large bowls of this soup. Accompanied it with crusty Italian bread. I did use ground beef (1/2 the required amount) and sweet Italian sausage (for the other 1/2). Delicious!

Reviewed By: Guest: DMG 2015-01-11

This version is OK, but NOT as good as Olive Garden. Something seems different as far as the taste goes. Close but no cigar as they say1

Reviewed By: Guest: Wilddog49 2014-11-19

I have been making this exact recipe for years. It is truly my favorite soup recipe--and that is coming from a professed soup snob! I make it as written, but cook pasta separately and add it as I serve. I never cut in half because I love knowing there is some in my freezer for those nights I don't want to cook. Add some parmesan, serve with garlic bread, and you have a satisfying meal. PS okay to sneak extra carrots and celery in. Ditto with some garlic!

Reviewed By: Guest: PPaulsen 2014-10-25

What kind of spaghetti sauce?

CDKitchen Note: You'll probably just want something very simple and basic, look for one labeled "traditional".

Reviewed By: Guest: Anonymous 2014-09-20

This delicious soup is great to make when you have a lot of people to cook for. Leftovers can be frozen and reheated later for fast easy suppers.

The Pasta E Fagioli soup from the Olive Garden is always one of our favorites. The classic ingredients give this soup a hearty, rich flavor. The beef in the pasta e fagioli is just the right amount to balanced the red and white kidney beans. This soup truly is a meal in itself.

Love this recipe. Make the full amount and freeze in serving sizes. Keeps very well. Wonderful for quick meals after work on cold day. Just add garlic bread and green salad. Yummm.

Reviewed By: Guest: Lightpoint1 2014-01-28

I LOVE this recipe and have shared it with so many people! Taste just like OG!! The first time I made it I didn't use Tabasco sauce but hot breakfast sausage so good! I usually make it with hot sausage and I only add noodles to individual bowls ( I learned that the hard way!)
Try it!! You will love it, others with love it and love you :)
Don't forget you can freeze it, I always do!

Reviewed By: Guest: Yourmom415 2014-01-14

I love this recipe. I cut it I half and put it in the crock pot to self cook.

Reviewed By: Guest: Mo 2014-01-12

I just made this and thought it was really good ! its perfect for a cold night with some good crusty bread !

Reviewed By: Guest: camille kemp 2014-01-03

I've made this recipe several times, and have taken it to work for pitch-ins and the crowd seems to love it. It tastes almost identical to OG's which I love. As far as ingredients, I season to taste, add carrots till they look evenly distributed etc. I've even used hot Italian sausage instead of ground beef...mmmm ;-) It freezes well to enjoy later too.

Reviewed By: Guest: KC 2013-12-22

This was good but why is the default amount 9 quarts?

Reviewed By: Guest: Anonymous 2013-11-18

This is so incredibly close to what Olive Garden serves! Scale it WAY down though because it still makes a lot even if you just cut it in half. I've varied it a few times when I've made it (diff beans, sausage, etc) but I still think it's best just as written.

I had to cut the serving size way down or I would have been eating this for a month. Although it was so delicious that maybe I wouldn't have minded! I like the suggestion made by someone else about adding italian sausage so I might try that next time.

Reviewed By: Guest: booker 2013-07-30

This recipe is spot on. However, I halved the recipe and started with a 10 quart pot and it nearly filled it by the time everything was added. I cooked the ditalini pasta (that's the kind used at Olive Garden) and added it to each individual bowl when served. Most cooks would know that you can't boil macaroni for 45 minutes and not have mush, but to a newbie they might not. Like others have said, it freezes wonderfully and just heat it up and add fresh macaroni and it's just like the day you made. Wonderful soup. Loved, loved, loved it.

Wow...this receipe is awesome! I follwed exactly but also added 1/2 lb of sweet italian sausage.
I also did not add pasta until ready to serve. It makes A LOT! I was able to freeze leftovers in ziplock bags for another meal. I used the "cheap" Hunts pasta sauce and glad I did.

Reviewed By: Guest: Dee 2013-03-24

I tried this recipe and loved it. I was confused about the amount of onions, carrots and celery to add. It has the amount in ounces. Is that volume ounces or weight ounces?

Reviewed By: Guest: Eloise 2013-01-04

I would like to make this recipe but not sure if the amount it specifies for the onions, carrots and celery is volume ounces or weight ounces. Can anyone help me with this?

Reviewed By: Guest: Elouise 2012-12-30

As a second generation Italian I grew up with this wonderful dish as a substitute for meat on Fridays back in the 50's. My mother eliminated the meat, relying on the kidney beans to provide the protein flavoring. It was so good on those cold nights in upstate NY. However, now adding the hamburger or sausage to the soup enhances the flavor even more.

I took the advise of one of the previous comments and did not add the macaroni to the soup, as we could not consume it all even at a half recipe. The macaroni will get overcooked, and become starchy if stored and served the next day or two. So just boil the macaroni until al dente (slightly firm), add a small amount of olive oil to the cooked mac to prevent sticking and then serve directly in a bowl. Ladle the soup mixture over the mac with plenty of juice, add top it off with some grated fresh parmesan (optional) and enjoy. Save or freeze the remain soup mixture for the next time and you can enjoy it over and over. Just boil a fresh batch of macaroni.

Another suggestion is to slice the carrots and celery with a vegetable slicer at 1/8" which adds and cook as recommended. It adds to the crunch.

Reviewed By: Guest: roberto 2012-12-27

I used hot sausage crumbled sonno Buoni!

Reviewed By: Guest: Keer49 2012-11-19

I have made this 3 different times for a church fundraising event. Everyone just loves it. The only thing different I've done is replace the ground beef with italian sausage. It tastes like the real restaurant's menu item.

Reviewed By: Guest: jorge 2012-11-12

Fantastic recipe! Made it and my family and friends raved about it. It makes A LOT so you'll definitely have enough to share and/or freeze. I think it tastes even better than the Olive Garden one, maybe it's because I know I made it ;-). For the spaghetti sauce it calls for, I used Hunts canned pasta sauce. I felt hesitant about it, but in the end it turned out perfect. The only thing I would recommend is to maybe add the pasta a little later (like say, 15 minutes before taking it off the stove). My pasta shells turned a bit mushy. Otherwise, a winning recipe!

Reviewed By: Guest: Cookie 2012-10-17

I have been searching for a soup that was very close to Olive Garden's. This was MAGNIFICENT and no quirky ingredients! Only changed I made was to process tomatoes in a food processor because we don't care for chunks of tomatoes and I added about 1-1 1/2 tsp of crushed red pepper. I also cooked my pasta separately and added it about 15-20 min before serving so that it didn't turn to mush. It makes A LOT!
What I will do next time is make the base leaving out beans and pasta. Freeze half and then add beans and pasta to half. The other half will be ready to have the beans/pasta added with a simple defrosting.

EVERYONE raved about this. You won't be sorry!

Just made the soup today... Oh my it is wonderfully and somewhat healthy! It will save me the 45 min trip to our nearest OG. Thank you so much, I love it.

Reviewed By: Guest: Jeburnerjeburner 2012-09-22

It's not only as good as Olive Garden's version, It's better! It is so close to the original version! I was very pleased with the taste. Kudos to whoever put this recipe together. I have a new favorate homemade soup. My family scarfed it down and I had to make another batch.

Reviewed By: Guest: Anonymous 2012-07-24

This recipe calls for "48 ounces spaghetti sauce." Since commercial spaghetti sauces vary dramatically in tastes/seasonings/consistency, would you please specify exactly what sauce(s) you recommend? Or at least a general type such as "plain" "garlic" "rustic" "cheese" "mushroom" "chunky" "meat"? I purhase some jarred ones that are chunky and very spicy; I've had a canned one that tastes about like tomato sauce. I want to duplicate Olive Garden's recipe as closely as possible and am concerned that if I choose just any style/flavor it will interfere with the taste of the rest of the recipe. MANY thanks!

OMG!!!! I did NOT believe this recipe was going to taste ANYTHING LIKE Olive Garden's version which I could DIE for, BUT IT DID! It tastes EXACTLY like Olive Garden's recipe!!! I could FAINT! I started making this and it was so watery I was like 'this is not going to work. My son will taste it and the whole batch will go right into the trash" but omg we are on our SECOND HUGE BOWL OF IT NOW!! If I had just had garlic sticks (and next time we will!) I can and WILL say to heck with ever going to Olive Garden again!! The only thing I did different was I cut up some pepperoni into it because I did not see how pretty much unseasoned beef would give it that same spicy kick as OG has in theirs and I was right! but it's the tabasco that really makes it! I used McIlhenny Co Green Pepper Sauce Brand (Milder Jalapeno) and I used STEWED ITALIAN SPICED tomatoes not just canned DICED tomatoes- I also forgot the carrots! So I used half a can of CANNED carrots and cut them up in strips. I could not find fresh parsley anyway OR parsley ANYTHING anywhere but a friend of mine had given me a bottle of gourmet Italian spices and it HAD the parsley flakes in it (AND Oregano & other Italian spices) plus I used the leaves of the fresh celery in it too. IT CAME OUT SO DELICIOUS! Never again will I doubt a copycat recipe! omg THIS IS THE BEST!

This is wonderful. I make this very often to share with family and coworkers. The only change I make is to add one more pound of ground beef.

Reviewed By: Guest: jawsotr 2012-06-08

We thought this was a wonderful recipe and very close to the restaurant version that my wife loves. We are going to add a bit of hot italian sausage to the ground beef and think it will resemble the restaurant version even more. Keep up the good work.

Reviewed By: Guest: carolstevep 2012-02-26

I love Olive Garden's pasta e fagioli soup, but it's a little out of my way to get there. I love this recipe! My only complaint is the way the ingredient measurements are displayed when you decrease the amount. I end up adding more than intended, I'm sure, as who measures stuff in ounces?? It would be easier if cup/tablespoon/teaspoon units were displayed. But it's still great soup!

I'm a 48 year old man who hasn't cooked much in the kitchen. Made this soup just as the recipe reads. Very easy and simple to make. It made a lot of soup. It was absolutely awesome! Gave about 75% of it to co-workers, all who said they loved it. I highly recommend this soup. Thank you CD Kitchen.

My girlfriend made this for us the other night and me and my boyfriend absolutely loved it. We asked her for the receipe and she gave us this link. Can't wait to make it outselves. Yummy!

Reviewed By: Guest: ArizonaSmith 2011-08-22

This soup is awesome. I used Italian seasoned diced tomatoes and eliminated the oregano. I also added a little sugar, maybe 1 1/2 teaspoons. Yummmm!

Reviewed By: Guest: chefwannabe 2011-05-17

It took awhile but it was fairly easy and extremely delicious!

Reviewed By: Guest: Ali 2011-05-08

Excellent recipe. I substituted low sodium chicken stock and ground turkey and it is delicious. I made half of the recipe and had plenty to freeze for later. Family loved it.

Reviewed By: Guest: Diane 2011-03-13

Made this soup last night, my son could not get enough- and he won't eat beans! He ate this soup right up, beans and all!!!! Great topped with Parmigiano Reggianno and toasted olive oil rosemary bread! Yum, yum, yum!

Thank you for this recipe!

By far the best soup I have ever made..It does have a lot of ingredients, but you can make it simple by buying the onions celery ect already chopped, my family LOVES this recipe..and every time I see my 3 year old nephew he asks me to make soup!! So yummy and in my opinion better than Olive Garden!

Reviewed By: Guest: Kelly 2011-02-09

has anyone figured out the calorie count for 2 cups of pasta fagioli?

Reviewed By: Guest: bonnie 2011-02-08

This is the second time I have made the soup. I thought it would be too much soup but the way my kids and family ate it, I decided to make the full batch again. This is truly a great recipe. It is also great to share.

Reviewed By: Guest: Dadio 2011-02-05

My husband and I are putting together a list of our favorite recipes that we would like at least every 6 weeks. This soup made the cut! I went by the recipe, but added a small can of tomato sauce and about 1/4 cup sugar ( I usually do when tomatoes are involved ). Thanks for the recipe!

Reviewed By: Guest: Kitty 2011-01-18

This is very easy to make and perfect to feed a crowd--I halve the recipe and it still feeds over 10 people easily.

I cook the pasta to al dente separately and then add to each bowl as I serve it. Otherwise it sits in the soup and overcooks.


Reviewed By: Guest: JodyK 2010-12-20

this is my favorite soup at OG.....this recipe is amazing!!! The only thing I did differently was to increase the oregano and increase the hot sauce....I am thrilled with the result, as is my husband. Thank you so much!! I will be including this for any family get-togethers!!!

Reviewed By: Guest: Maggie5056 2010-11-28

I made this dish for my large family of 8 plus my daughter's boyfriend and they all raved about how good it was. I was told that we have a new favorite.I did it just like the recipe call for. I would reccommend this to anyone.

I have this simmering now and the taste test is superb! I added some V-8 juice, some crushed red pepper flakes, salt and 1 tsp of chili powder, plus the recipe as written. Kraft Tuscan House Italian dressing is very similar to OG dressing so it is soup, salad and bread stick night.

Reviewed By: Guest: Anonymous 2010-11-07

This recipe was dead on. My family loved it. We made garlic bread sticks to go with it.

Reviewed By: Guest: micki 2010-10-16

Been making this soup for about three years now, based on this great recipe.

After it's all done -- I love to throw in a splash of balsamic vinegar into each bowl, it gives it a nice bite!

Reviewed By: Guest: Robbie 2010-09-22

Made this recipe for lunch for a bunch of men, and it turned out fantastic. They all raved about it and asked for the recipe to give to their wives. Will surely make this again. The only change I made was to cook the pasta separately and then add to the soup when ready to serve. I'm thinking of making up a batch (without the pasta) and freezing it for later use for my husband and I.

Reviewed By: Guest: Anonymous 2010-09-12

Came out delicious!!!! This is an amazing recipe! Very easy and fun to make. Most of the ingredients you can already find in the kitchen. I followed the complete directions and made enough to feed an army. So, if only for a family 2-4 use half portions.

Reviewed By: Guest: lola 2010-06-03

Made this recipe today. It was easy and tastes exactly like Olive Garden's. I changed nothing and thought it was perfect.

Reviewed By: Guest: Anonymous 2010-03-08

Easy, delicious, and inexpensive to make! I cut it in half to make for just my husband and myself and it was still a lot of soup!!

Reviewed By: Guest: KathyH 2010-01-16

I found this by doing a search..This soup is AWESOME!! I've had to email this to several of my friends and family that tried it...I freeze it because it makes a big batch...and it tastes just as good as fresh. One of my all time favorite soup recipes..thanks so much!!

Reviewed By: Guest: Tina The Pie Lady 2009-12-28

This recipe tastes exactly like the Olive Garden version, and both my husband and I LOVE it! Following this recipe makes enough for a whole house full of guest, but I found out that it freezes beautiful.

Reviewed By: Guest: Anonymous 2009-11-14

This recipe was delicious and very easy to make. It made a HUGE crockpot full and everyone came back for second and third helpings until it was GONE! I will definitely use this recipe again and again!

Reviewed By: Guest: granma 2009-10-31

This recipe is just as good as the restaurant. Fantastic

Reviewed By: Guest: hollyhobbie 2009-10-25

This soup is delicious! I have made it several times now and it never disappoints! The whole family asks for it all the time!

Reviewed By: Guest: Anonymous 2009-09-22

This recipe was awesome and very easy. A big hit with family and friends!

Reviewed By: Guest: cathy65 2009-08-27

Even better than at Olive Garden!!!!! I am not really a "cook", however, everyone that tasted this wanted the recipe. Easy and excellent :D

Great recipe, and easy to make. I added fresh chopped garlic to the ground beef in the first step. Tasted just like my Dad used to make.

Reviewed By: Guest: Hawaiin Chef 2009-08-12

You can check out the Olive Garden web site to get the nutritional values, It's actually very low in calories, a great Diet food!!!

Reviewed By: Guest: Amy 2009-07-01

OG pasta e fagioli is my favourite soup, and when I tried this recipe I was a bit skeptical;however, it was dead on perfect for flavour,visualness & compliments! I make it often and now that I live in an area where OG is unheard of...I am happy that you had the recipe! Grazii (sp)and much thanks.

Reviewed By: Guest: betzblue 2009-05-20

This recipe is very easy to prepare. Only took approx 1/2 hr. For spaghetti sauce I used Bertolli marinara with Burgundy wine. Worked very well with this recipe. I highly recommend this recioe & already passed it on to friend

Reviewed By: Guest: Kat 2009-04-18

A little too spicy, but that's personal taste. The most difficult part is just preparing all the veggies.

I agree that adding the pasta shortly before serving tends to work better. If added too soon, the pasta just "melts."

I've made this recipe 3 times, once for myself for practice, and the other two for friends. Great response all around.

Reviewed By: Guest: Paladin 2009-03-30

I loved this recipe. It made so much! A family of four could easily eat off half this this recipe. Also, it is easy to customize to your own taste and really does taste like the real thing!

Reviewed By: Guest: Ramgirl 2009-03-19

Loved it! I usually tend to go toward cream based soups, but was assigned to make a tomato based soup for a church meeting. I tried this because of the reviews and it truly is a keeper. I had to pass on this recipe to everyone at the event. Thanks to everyone for their reviews. I was able to go out on a limb and make a new soup for an event and it was a success!!! My kids even ate it, and I say this in amazement. My kids first words always are, "what vegetables are in it". I told them it was "spaghetti soup" and they ate it up.

Reviewed By: Guest: Shell 2009-02-03

I agree with others in putting the pasta in for the last 20 min. of cooking time. I also did half Italian sausage and ground beef. Then I added 1 tablespoon of sugar to the broth. Just a preference. Thanks for the recipe and all the other reviews.

Reviewed By: Guest: DeDe 2009-02-02

Two things.
This was okay, but bland. I made it exactly as listed, and it was just completely boring. I ended up doubling the amount of Italian seasonings, and pepper, and salt, and added 2 full tablespoons of tobasco instead of tsp, and then it had flavor, but no pop at all. Without the extra seasoning it just tasted like tomatoes.
nd yes, the volume is correct - I sized it to 1.5 lbs of hamburger and it made a full 7qts of soup.

We used to live near the Buffalo NY but then moved further across Canada which put us out of range of an Olive Garden (2000 miles. For months my husband would say,"boy if only we could have that fantastic soup at the Olive Garden. Thank you, thank you very much. I can' belive how fabulous it tasted. We made it together so it was more than a chore it was fun, and then the end result was fantastic. We invited friends to share, and with a hot loaf of bread and a bottle of red wine all we received were compliments. the only thing we found in the making was that even though we did add a little more stock at the initial start it was still very thick. We decided instead of cutting it anymore with more stock to leave it. It made a wonderful one pot meal. By the way made the whole recipe and froze the rest. For 2 people it gave us 20 meals.
Mary from Canada

Reviewed By: Guest: Anonymous 2009-01-21

We have made this so often that the recipe was getting hard to read. Had to come online to print a fresh copy. We usually use a marinara sauce and add a little red wine. Love it on a cold day!

Reviewed By: Guest: Margret 2009-01-11

Well the soup is on simmer cooking. hope it turns out good!

Reviewed By: Guest: Gayle 2009-01-09

What kind of Spaghetti Sauce did you all use? Or did you use Tomato Sauce? Thanks!

Reviewed By: Guest: Sandy 2009-01-04

Totally spot on!! Tastes just like the resturant soup only we don't have to stand in line and wait for a table to enjoy it! I make this soup in a big batch every couple of months all year long and freeze the planned leftovers. Whole family love it! Serve with a salad--tossed or fruit--and a crusty bread. Yummy!!

Reviewed By: Guest: Ruthie 2008-12-10

This recipe is wonderful! I love Olive Garden, and it's great to be able to make something at home that tastes this wonderful. To be honest, I thought the recipe would taste awful; beef broth with spaghetti sauce sounded aweful to me, but I tried it and am very glad I did. I cut the recipe down to half and made a few minor changes. You will need a 6 qt. pot for my version and the pot will be full. I also froze this soup in inexpensive ziploc containers...leave a couple of inches at the top for expanding and allow the soup to cool before putting the lid on and freezing(I also put the ziploc containers into freezer bags which you can reuse) and it was just as good as when it was fresh:
1 lb. ground beef
6 oz. onion, chopped
7 oz. carrots, slivered
7 oz. celery, thin sliced
2-14.5 oz. cans Delmonte organic diced tomatoes
15.5 oz. can light red or red kidney beans
15.5 oz can white kidney beans
32 oz. College Inn organic beef broth
1.4 teas. dried oregano
1 teas. dried parsley
3/4 teas. Frank's red hot sauce
1/2 teas. black pepper
26 oz. Prego traditional spaghettis sauce
1 cup De Cecco Mezzi tubetti no. 63 pasta (tube shaped pasta like Olive Garden uses-found @ Heinen's grocery store

Cook 1 cup of pasta in salted boiling water till done, drain and set aside. Brown beef and onion together till almost brown. Add celery and carrots, continue cooking until beef is browned, drain fat. Add tomatoes(with juice) and simmer for 10 min. Drain and rinse beans and add to the pot. Aslo add beef stock, oregano, pepper, red hot sauce, spaghetti sauce. Simmer on low heat for 35 min. Add cooked noodles and simmer an additional 10 min. Enjoy! If you use this recipe, let me know how you liked it. My e-mail address is [ADMIN: deleted, you shouldn't post your email address publicly] If you have any recipes you'd like to share, I'd enjoy receiving them. Thank you.

Reviewed By: Guest: Anonymous 2008-11-06

I love going to Olive Garden so when I found this recipe I was eager to try it. I was so happy when I was finished it was soooo good, I have to control myself from making it every week. I highly recommend it.

Reviewed By: Guest: Lexi 2008-10-26

I'm not usually one to leave a review, but this was fantastic and so much like the real thing!! We absolutely crave Olive Gardens Fagioli, so I was thrilled to come along this recipe. The Ditalini pasta and white kidney beans were hard to find (I was beginning to wonder if there was such a thing as a white kidney bean) but I found both items at our Kroger grocery chain. Newmans Marinara worked wonderfully. I purchased a bottle of the authentic salad dressing at Olive Garden (I think it would be hard to duplicate something they like as much as the real thing, in this case) and baked up some breadsticks & rolls. As a personal preference next time I will increase the ground beef, pasta and celery. Awesome meal for a cold, wet day :)))

Reviewed By: Guest: rosie40 2008-10-23

I made this tonight and boy was my family surprised! It turned out incredible and tasted exactly like Olive Garden. I didn't read the reviews and do the pasta last which may be bad when its time to take it out of the freezer for another meal, but you live and learn. I'm adding this to my list of fave's! It did take much longer then 45 minutes to cook, closer to 1 hour 10 minutes or so, but next time I'll chop my veggies a little smaller and that should help.

Reviewed By: Guest: Anonymous 2008-07-23

Made this last night. It was very easy, and disappeared quickly. I made 1/2 the recipe, and still fed 8 (with leftovers for lunch). Everyone loved it! I did as others suggested and cooked the pasta seperate. That worked out wonderfully as the pasta did not fall apart.

Reviewed By: Guest: Kelly 2008-07-11

Thank you for this recipe! It is just like Olive Garden. I loved it. I will make it often, especially in the winter. WOW!

Reviewed By: Guest: Anonymous 2008-07-10

superb soup. as good as the real thing, but a heck of a lot cheaper :)

Reviewed By: Guest: ObamaYourmama! 2008-05-22

The best!! I used 1 lb. ground chuck and browned mild Italian sausages (then sliced and added to the crock pot) I suggest cooking the pasta seperately so you can freeze left-overs. Great for a crowd or large family - and even better tasting 2nd day! Enjoy.

Reviewed By: Guest: ready2ha 2008-03-05


Reviewed By: Guest: jessmello 2008-02-28

I have been making this soup for a couple of years now and it is soooo delicious and so simple to make in no time at all. I find Emerils marinara sauce or Newmans own marinara works best for the spaghetti sauce it asks for. Yummy!

Reviewed By: Guest: linda 2008-02-28

LOVE this recipe, but was wondering if anybody knows how many calories and the serving size. I'm diabetic, and have to count calories.

Reviewed By: Guest: bonnie 2008-02-20

This was amazing!! Definitely agree with previous reviews - cook the pasta separately and add to soup when done cooking.
Also, I chiopped my carrots because I don't like crunchy carrot in my soup and I seem to recall it being that way when I had this soup at Olive Garden.

Reviewed By: Guest: Tricia 2008-02-18

Hesitant at first, I wasn't sure how close to the Olive Garden it would taste, but to my surprise it was fantastic! A definite recipe that I'll make again and again. I agree with a previous review in that, you shouldn't add the pasta until the last 20 minutes of cooking. If freezing, make as directed only don't add the pasta until reheating; it gets mushy.

Reviewed By: Guest: kv 2008-02-12

This soup is SO good! My husband can't get enough of it, myself included. Do leave the noodles out as suggested by others. It really does make a difference. If you like things spicy be sure to add some red pepper. It really gave the dish a kick!

Reviewed By: Guest: Esther 2008-02-02


Reviewed By: Guest: CYNTHIA_SHIRAZI 2008-01-15

Easy to make, add the pasta during the last 30 minutes of cooking, this way they won't overcook! YUMMY

Reviewed By: Guest: tootsy 2008-01-12

delicious! had it last night at a new year's eve gathering... can't wait to make it this weekend!!

Reviewed By: Guest: teach 2008-01-01

I make this regularly and it is fantastic! I get rave reviews from my family every single time. HUGE hit!

Reviewed By: Guest: KimC 2007-12-30

awesome! I added my left over ham hock from christmas dinner and it tasted even better! it's a great post christmas meal on it's own with some garlic bread on the side.

Reviewed By: Guest: michi 2007-12-27

My kids love Olive Garden and they loved this soup.

Reviewed By: Guest: jel 2007-12-25

I just made this tonight and it was excellent. It's rated 3 stars in difficulty, but I would have given it maybe 2 stars as it was pretty simple to prepare. I made the full recipe (which makes a lot) and I'm glad I did. This soup coupled with some crusty bread makes an wonderful and very satisfying meal. I'm looking forward to the leftovers:) Whoever created this recipe - thank you!!

Reviewed By: Guest: Gary 2007-12-15


Anyone happen to know the weight watchers points for this one? I didn't see any nutritional info- but the soup was excellent!

Reviewed By: Guest: johnnydeppsgirl 2007-11-29

This is a keeper.
It makes a lot, but you can freeze it.
I recommend that you freeze it without the pasta in it. It's so easy to add cooked pasta to the soup at the last minute. This insures that the noodles won't be all mushy.
I'm adding this to my recipe box. It's really tasty.

Perfect recipe for a wonderful soup. Although I substituted ground beef for ground turkey, it turned out even better than expected. Also, since the portion was pretty big for just 2 people, I was able to freeze it and serve it later, saving myself both time and effort of cooking a few days later.

Reviewed By: Guest: Maiya 2007-10-22

This recipe is amazing - tastes just like the real thing. Took me a little over an hour after all the chopping, etc (Im a slow cook though). I made half what the recipe called for and it still made a lot !

Reviewed By: Guest: Mere8 2007-10-09

This recipe is so forgiving! Since the nearest Olive Garden is an hour and a half away, I thought I would try and treat my family to this soup with our Sunday dinner. I was out of oregano, but italian seasoning didn't seem to ruin it at all. I also couldn't find white kidney beans, and it didn't really make a difference either. I am glad I did the math first and cut the recipe in half. It took my largest chili pot to make half! I love this soup and so does my family!!!! And it was so easy! P.S. Definitely add the pasta at the last or in individual bowls to keep the soup from being goopy.

Reviewed By: Guest: TennesseeMom 2007-09-15

This was fabulous !! I have made it a couple of times and my family loves it. Now I have a soup for the cold winter months.

Reviewed By: Guest: Susie 2007-08-14

I wanted a recipe that was as close to the Olive Garden recipe as possible- and this was perfect! It tastes fantastic. This is a recipe to treasure. Now I can't wait to make the minestrone. Thank you so much!

Reviewed By: Guest: Tommy\'s Girl 2007-07-22

The soup was very good. One suggestion though- put the pasta in during the last 20 minutes of cooking. It was a little soggy being in the pot for 45 minutes.

Reviewed By: Guest: Jessica 2007-07-18

I loved this recipeand the turn out!!
Its was fabulous, me and my family loved it!!!
It tastes just like the real thing!!

Reviewed By: Guest: goya 2007-06-27

You simply have to make this soup! A small substitution can be maded here or there without compromising the incredibly delicious end result. Family and friends will give you rave reviews!

Reviewed By: Guest: Italian Diva 2007-05-16

My daughters are the queens of picky eaters. Nothing that even looks like a veggie on their plates! However, this one is a request year after year for their birthday dinners. How can you go wrong with something this wonderful that children will eat. Rave reviews from our familiy!

Reviewed By: Guest: Momma 2007-03-21

Absolutely wonderful with a couple of minor adjustments! Used my own Marinara Sauce because nothing in a jar can beat it, and substituted 1/2 of the ground beef for Italian Sweet/Hot Sausage. Just peeled off the skin and skilleted like directions said. cook them separate. Sprinkled a little Locatelli on top- AMAZING!!

Reviewed By: Guest: Budswizer 2007-02-16

This is sooo good! I would definately make this soup again, Its almost identical to the restraunt. however like other notes before me dont add the noodles! cook them seperate and when ready to serve!, I followed the directions and they turned out soggy. excellent tip on the Emerils homemade marinara as the spaghetti sauce. you must make this just once its delish!!

Reviewed By: Guest: Kerry M. Va.Beach, Va. 2007-02-06


Reviewed By: Guest: Nana 2006-12-29

This dish is the best!

Reviewed By: Guest: Kristine 2006-12-23

I am so glad that I found this recipe... It has become a standby in my family... Making the whole amount and freezing half (or several smaller amounts) is a great way to go, only I don't add the pasta shells until I'm preparing it for immediate consumption (I'm afraid that they'll get mushy). In other words, I make the full amount of soup, but I put whatever amount I'm serving that night in a separate saucepan, and only add the pasta there.
I'm a vegetarian, but everyone else in my family eats meat -- I leave out the hamburger, nobody misses it and it still tastes fabulous (better than the real thing, my mom says...) If anyone else out there is vegetarian, but wants the "meat effect," you can use Morningstar crumbles or Boca, but I noticed that the texture of the "meat" gets funky in the leftovers (I think it absorbs too much liquid), so when I do it, I cook the "meat" separately and add it only to the portions I'm serving immediately (no crumbles in the leftovers.)
Again -- I'm so glad this recipe was posted! When I went vegetarian, I missed the Olive Garden version so much, but this recipe allowed me to modify it without losing anything!

Reviewed By: Guest: Jen 2006-11-27

I made this for my family and they loved it.

Reviewed By: Guest: lexi 2006-11-13

The best! Because it made so much-- I froze 1/2 of it. When we were ready to have it the 2nd time-- just popped it in the crockpot-- and made a fast and fabulous supper. My husband has event told others and made me send out the recipe to some of his friends (unheard of!) Try this and you won't regret it! (Neither will the diners! :))

Reviewed By: Guest: mamaralesa 2006-10-22

Made this dish for a card party. It was a Aces with everyone, will make it again and again!

Reviewed By: Guest: gourmetwannabe 2006-09-15

My husband said it tasted even better than the original! Quite a compliment. This recipe will be part of my repertoire - it's YUMMY!

Reviewed By: Guest: LynMc 2006-09-05

This recipe is wonderful. Very simple to make...little prep time and tastes just like the real thing. Thanks Sydney for the suggestion re: Emerils marinara sauce. That worked out very well.

Reviewed By: Guest: kaytee 2006-08-13

this was quite easy to make. it didn't take too long at all. i have a family of 6 and everyone loved it, including the kids. my sister happened to be over for dinner and she thought it was so good, she took some home for lunch the next day! i didn't follow the recipe precisely - i added all the ingredients to suit my taste and it still tasted exactly like olive garden. i will make this again.

Reviewed By: Guest: ladytru 2006-07-24

This was so easy and wonderful. What a great way to feed a large group of people. I always get compliments and recipe requests!

Reviewed By: Guest: Anonymous 2006-02-18

Amazing! Just like the real thing!

Reviewed By: Guest: Anonymous 2006-02-11

This is the easiest dish/appetizer there is, and will Please even the toughest crowd. Make this dish a day in advance, and it is even tastier! If you are confused about what spaghetti sauce to use, a Really Great choice is Emerils Marinara. It works wonderfully.

Absolutely the best.Very delicious.
I make the soup at least 2 times a month.

My family will attest that I'm FAR from being a gourmet cook, but this recipe was easy...even for me! It turned out fantastic!! YUMMM!!!

It took me almost an hour to get this made (I'm slow)...but it was more than worth it! It was a great soup for New Year's Day! I will make this again and again.

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