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It's true, they do not come close to the ones at Cracker Barrel at all

I added Eggs and sour cream to it, and they tasted much better.

However, Cracker Barrels are way much more greasier and softer. I believe they might fully cover them after with butter too. They tasted better after a day or two, putting them a few seconds in the microwave and put a tiny bit butter on it.

Reviewed By: Guest: swissgirl 2015-03-29

I tried both the recipe and the box mix from cracker barrel, neither one matches what they make at the restaurant. Very disappointed.

Reviewed By: Guest: Queen 2014-06-10

This was not like Cracker Barrel.
It was way too sweet, not enough corn meal, it needed an egg, and theirs must be cooked in bacon grease. Also, I don't know if she meant "mini" muffin pans- but there is no way this batter would have filled 8 regular size muffin tins. (i had to add an egg, more cream, more corn meal and it still only made 6 muffins)

Reviewed By: Guest: Anonymous 2011-05-15

just made these and followed another suggestion by putting water in the open spots and they were moist but still like the others said...cake like...not enough cornbread taste....may experiment with more cornmeal less flour. The batter consistancy was fine unlike others were posting....just the taste was not IT : )

Reviewed By: Guest: PaminGA 2011-01-01

This was not like Cracker Barrel muffins. Much too sweet and not enough cornmeal. It was more like cake.

Reviewed By: Guest: nonnie 2010-01-02

Quantities mentioned produced a batter that was too thick. Had to add an egg, oil and some more creamer. Decided to go rogue and add more sugar as well to make them sweeter. As written, the recipe is not very good but I appreciate the effort.

Reviewed By: Guest: MajorPain 2008-03-08

This recipe didn't work with quantities listed. I added 2tbs butter and at least 4more tbs of creamer. They still came out crumbly dry! I may try again with more butter and maybe an egg.

Reviewed By: Guest: ccron 2008-01-16

I worked for CB for years. I have not tried this recipe but must add that if this recipe was dry, you should cook it in more bacon grease or butter. I remember the hot muffins were always immensely greasy--but delish!

Reviewed By: Guest: Becca 2006-10-26

I agree. These were not at all like the corn muffins at Cracker Barrel. The flavor was ok but they were very very dry.

Reviewed By: Guest: lauren 2006-05-01

I find if you buy the MIX right in Cracker B rest it is the best way to make copy cat......It freezes well for months

We made this recipe in hopes that it would be close to the Cracker Barrel Corn Muffins that we enjoy.

This is nothing like Cracker Barrel Corn Muffins. They are more like cake than cornbread.

Sorry. But these aren't what we were looking for.

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