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Squid has gained popularity in the US since bars and restaurants boldly started adding deep-fried calamari to their appetizer menus. A long time Italian and Asian favorite, squid really hasn't taken off otherwise here in the US. It's a strange looking saltwater creature (a mollusk, actually) with tentacles and a beak. Yes, it has a beak.

The meat itself is firm and chewy and slightly sweet in flavor. You can purchase full squid tentacles (tubes) that can be stuffed, or get it pre-sliced in rings that work in stir fry dishes or that can be battered and deep-fried.

Squid will be tough if you cook it improperly. You must, and I mean MUST, cook it one of two ways: either fast with high heat such as in deep-frying or stir-frying; or, it must be cooked low and slow, at least an hour in liquid over very low heat (braising). Anything else will turn that lovely squid into a rubber-band like texture.

You can purchase squid fresh, frozen or canned. When buying it fresh, expect about 3 squid per pound. Squid are rich in protein and phosphorus.

Squid can sometimes be hard to find in your typical supermarket. You can substitute cuttlefish or baby octopus in place of it in most recipes that call for the sliced rings.

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Braised Veal-Stuffed Calamari
This recipe has a 4 star rating1 review

Photo of Braised Veal-Stuffed Calamari
photo: CDKitchen

Made with squid tubes, bread crumbs, heavy cream, ground veal, shallot, fresh parsley, parsley stems, lemon zest, kosher salt, black pepper


House Of Blues Mediterranean Calamari
 1 comment on this recipe 1 comment

No photo available

Made with milk, Italian parsley, Kalamata olives, calamari, parsley, Parmesan cheese, chili garlic paste, olive oil, lemons

deep fryer

Calamari Piccata
This recipe has a 3 star rating1 review

No photo available

Made with lime juice, butter, capers, salt and pepper, flour, olive oil, green onions, garlic, chopped or pressed, onion, calamari steaks


Arros Negre (Rice With Squid Ink)

No photo available

Made with squid ink, salt, Spanish paella rice or short-grain Italian rice, sweet paprika, olive oil, squid, tomatoes, yellow onion, garlic, fish stock


Calamari Calabrese

No photo available

Made with sage, butter, white wine, flour, milk, salt and freshly pepper, onion, red pepper flakes


Spaghetti con Calamari

No photo available

Made with salt and pepper, spaghetti or perciatelli, butter or virgin olive oil, Italian plum tomatoes, onion, squid, fresh thyme, fresh oregano, fresh marjoram, basil


Fried Calamari

No photo available

Made with salt and pepper, calamari, oil, flour


Mediterranean Squid Stew

No photo available

Made with baby artichokes, white wine, Canned imported tomatoes; coarsely chopped and drained, fresh thyme, Garlic; cut into very thin slices, onion, olive oil, Cleaned squid; bodies cut into


Saute of Squid, Shrimp and Eggplant

No photo available

Made with chili powder, eggplants, salt, squid, shrimp, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, tomatoes, olive oil, garlic


Oriental Squid Stir-Fry

No photo available

Made with sesame oil, lemongrass, fresh squid, baby corn, shiitake mushrooms, coconut milk, mild red chili, garlic, fresh coriander


Squid Meatballs

No photo available

Made with olive oil, breadcrumbs, squid, olive oil -- for the sheet, eggs, onion, garlic, dried oregano, fresh parsley, grated romano or parmesan


Spicy Calamari - Brazilian Style

No photo available

Made with fresh parsley, green bell pepper, red bell pepper, tomatoes, fish bouillon, water, black pepper, onion, bay leaves, squid rings


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