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Collection of everyday cooking recipesThese are the basics, the simple meals, the make ahead recipes. Everyday cooking for every one.

These are the recipes you sometimes forget even are available. Like, making homemade cleansers and beauty products. Something we so readily spend money on in pre-made form at the store but can make our own so easily and for far less money at home. Or, convenience items like croutons or coffee creamer. While so easy to buy, they are also easy to make.

We've also got a huge selection of easier versions of standard recipes in our pantry meals section. Simplified versions of all your favorite dishes - whether you're just a beginning cook or simply need a quick and easy alternative.

Also check out our "make ahead" section for recipe-saving ingredient substitutes like homemade sweetened condensed milk or a substitute for shortening.


cdkitchen's recommended recipes

Photo of Ginger Peach Marmalade Recipe on CDKitchen

Ginger Peach Marmalade

Made with sugar, powdered pectin, water, peaches, crystallized ginger, oranges
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Photo of Hazelnut Cream Coffee Topping Recipe on CDKitchen

Hazelnut Cream Coffee Topping

Made with powdered sugar, coffee liqueur, heavy whipping cream, hazelnut liqueur
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Photo of Crispy Crunchy Crouton Sticks Recipe on CDKitchen

Crispy Crunchy Crouton Sticks

French bread is cut into sticks and coated with melted butter, basil, garlic powder, and onion salt and then baked until crisp.
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