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Collection of sandwich recipesSandwiches make a great meal whether for lunch, dinner, or even breakfast. Sandwiches can be served cold like club or tuna. Or hot like the popular Reuben or calzone. How about a Dagwood or a panini? So many sandwiches to choose from!


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CDKitchen's Recommended Recipes

Photo of Avocado And Salmon Bagels Recipe on CDKitchen

Avocado And Salmon Bagels

A new twist to bagels and lox. Warm bagels are topped with an avocado spread, rocket greens, cucumber, smoked salmon, and capers.
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Photo of Spinach And Feta Mini-Calzones Recipe on CDKitchen

Spinach And Feta Mini-Calzones

Made with black pepper, salt, puff pastry sheets, olive oil, frozen chopped spinach, onion, Feta cheese
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Photo of Cucumber Avocado Chicken Wrap Recipe on CDKitchen

Cucumber Avocado Chicken Wrap

Made with honey mustard salad dressing, carrot, avocado, spinach tortilla, cucumber, green leaf lettuce, cheddar cheese, cooked chicken breast
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Photo of 30 Minute Bombers Recipe on CDKitchen

30 Minute Bombers

Made with chili flakes, tomatoes, turkey sausages, garlic oil, fennel seed, onion, butter, garlic, cubanelle peppers, pasta sauce
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Photo of Guinness Barbecue Beef Recipe on CDKitchen

Guinness Barbecue Beef

Made with dried basil, boneless chuck roast, white onion, red onion, garlic, Guinness beer, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, cider vinegar, dried oregano
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