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Collection of burger recipesHomemade burgers are one of those great foods that are good any time of the year. In the summer, fire up the grill and throw some patties on. Top with your favorite toppings (like spicy mayo and caramelized onions, or maybe a wasabi-mayo slaw?) and serve on a bun. Can't grill? No problem! Burgers are also good pan fried or broiled. Try a new twist on any burger recipe by making them into mini burgers - perfect for appetizers or snacks!

Fun Food Holidays: The second Sunday of May kicks off National Hamburger Week and May 28 is National Hamburger Day.


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CDKitchen's Recommended Recipes

Photo of Texas Blue Whistler Burger Recipe on CDKitchen

Texas Blue Whistler Burger

Made with scallions, garlic, steak sauce, Worcestershire sauce, liquid smoke, hot sauce, black pepper, seasoned salt, sandwich buns
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Photo of Turkey Brew Burgers Recipe on CDKitchen

Turkey Brew Burgers

This is not your typical dried out turkey burger. It has just the right balance of ground turkey, bread crumbs, egg, beer, and flavorings to turn this burger into a real winner.
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Photo of Spicy Montreal Burgers Recipe on CDKitchen

Spicy Montreal Burgers

Made with hamburger buns, ground beef, steak seasoning, Cheddar or American cheese
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Photo of French Onion Burgers With Gruyere Cheese Recipe on CDKitchen

French Onion Burgers With Gruyere Cheese

Made with buns, Gruyere cheese, ground beef brisket or ground sirloin, red onion, olive oil, butter, fresh rosemary, fresh sage, kosher salt, black pepper
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Photo of Balsamic Basil Brisket Burgers Recipe on CDKitchen

Balsamic Basil Brisket Burgers

Made with fresh basil, garlic, black pepper, American cheese, red onion, Vidalia onion, balsamic vinegar, kosher salt
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