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Candy and Sweets

Collection of candy recipesCandy recipes like truffles, peanut brittle, caramels, almond bark.


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Recipe for Candied Figs

Candied Figs

Made with sugar, ripe figs, apple cider vinegar, soda

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candy recipes

  • Recipes for bark candy

    bark candy

    A holiday favorite. Delicious chocolate (milk, dark, white, etc) is melted with everything from nuts to dried fruits to candy pieces. This is a great food gift idea too!

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  • Recipes for potato candy

    potato candy

    Made with mashed potatoes and powdered sugar - a holiday recipe favorite

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  • Recipes for pralines


    Pralines in the U.S. are a candy typically made with pecans and a sugar syrup

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  • Recipes for peanut butter eggs

    peanut butter eggs

    An Easter basket favorite! A peanut butter filling in the shape of an egg is coated in chocolate and set aside to harden until ready to eat.

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  • Recipes for bonbons


    Bonbons means "sweet" in French, and that these candies are!

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  • Recipes for peanut butter candy

    peanut butter candy

    If you love peanut butter then these candy recipes are for you.

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  • Recipes for mints


    Mint candies from copycat peppermint patties to popular butter mints

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  • Recipes for chocolate balls

    chocolate balls

    Sort of a cross between a cookie and a candy, these delightfully round sweet treats all have one thing in common: chocolate!

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Photo of Watermelon Rind Candy Recipe on CDKitchen

Watermelon Rind Candy

Made with lemon, sugar, watermelon, water, salt
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Photo of Oreo Balls Recipe on CDKitchen

Oreo Balls

Made with chocolate almond bark, Oreo cookies, cream cheese, white almond bark
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Photo of Creamy Caramels Recipe on CDKitchen

Creamy Caramels

Made with vanilla extract, salt, butter, corn syrup, sweetened condensed milk (not evaporated), brown sugar
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Photo of Flavored Rock Candy Recipe on CDKitchen

Flavored Rock Candy

Made with food coloring, sugar, corn syrup, water, flavoring oil, flavoring extract
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Photo of Candied Cranberries Recipe on CDKitchen

Candied Cranberries

These sugar-coated cranberries are a tasty snack, or make a pretty holiday garnish. They are simply made with cranberries, sugar, and water.
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Photo of Hard Rock Cinnamon Candy Recipe on CDKitchen

Hard Rock Cinnamon Candy

Try your hand at candy making with this simple recipe. Cook sugar, corn syrup and water to the hard-crack stage, then add in cinnamon oil for flavor and red food coloring. Crack into pieces when hardened and you have some sweet treats ready to go.
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Photo of Jim Beam Bourbon Balls Recipe on CDKitchen

Jim Beam Bourbon Balls

Made with bourbon whiskey, baking cocoa, corn syrup, vanilla wafers, pecans, powdered sugar
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