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Pancakes and Waffles

Collection of pancake and waffle recipesStart your day off right with tasty recipes like Belgian light 'n crispy waffles, Perkins pancakes, IHOP harvest nut and grain pancakes, pumpkin pancakes, or banana waffles


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CDKitchen's Recommended Recipes

Photo of Perkins Restaurant Pancakes Recipe on CDKitchen

Perkins Restaurant Pancakes

Made with vegetable oil, shortening or margarine, baking mix, eggs, club soda
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Photo of Blueberry Cinnamon Pancakes Recipe on CDKitchen

Blueberry Cinnamon Pancakes

Made with blueberries, flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, ground cinnamon, milk, shortening, eggs
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Photo of Carrot Cake Waffles Recipe on CDKitchen

Carrot Cake Waffles

Made with sour cream, lemon, carrot cake mix, pecans or walnuts, water, granny smith apples, butter
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Photo of Apple Cider Waffles Recipe on CDKitchen

Apple Cider Waffles

The waffles lacked any apple cider flavor but overall were really good. I sampled them plain, with maple syrup, and with some fig jam I got from a friend. Delicious way to start the day!
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Photo of Sweet Potato Buttermilk Waffles Recipe on CDKitchen

Sweet Potato Buttermilk Waffles

Made with confectioner's sugar, cinnamon, sugar, sweet potatoes, buttermilk, egg, canola oil, pancake and baking mix
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Photo of Strawberry Almond Pancakes With Strawberry Syrup Recipe on CDKitchen

Strawberry Almond Pancakes With Strawberry Syrup

Made with fresh strawberries, mascarpone cheese, water, almond extract, almond paste, pancake mix, butter
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