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Crock Pot Cooking

Collection of crock pot recipesDon't overlook the slow cooker as being just as valuable a kitchen tool as your stove or oven. While it's long been recognized as an ideal way to cook roasts and stews, it can do so much more - and we'll show you how.

Our recipe collection will let you bake bread, fix breakfast, and even make a cake in your crock pot (in addition to all the tasty dinner and side dish recipes).


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Mexican Beef Steak

Great flavors come together in this crock pot dinner made with round steak, garlic powder, chili powder, mustard, onion, tomatoes, and kidney beans - all served over rice.

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top 10 trending crock pot recipes

Savory Italian Sausage Stew
savory italian sausage stew

A hearty stew made with mild Italian sausage and Italian vegetables in a rich tomato-based sauce.
Stuffed Cornish Game Hens With Orange Sauce
stuffed cornish game hens with orange sauce

Cornish game hens are stuffed and basted with a honey-orange sauce while cooking in the slow cooker.
Creamy Italian Chicken
creamy italian chicken

Boneless chicken is slow cooked in a creamy mushroom sauce.
Homemade Chili
homemade chili

A simple chili recipe made with ground beef, tomatoes, kidney beans, tomato paste, chili powder, and topped with cheddar cheese.
Savory Italian Sausage Stew
savory italian sausage stew

A hearty stew made with mild Italian sausage and Italian vegetables in a rich tomato-based sauce.
Crazy Chops
crazy chops

These should really be called Crazy Easy Chops. Pork chops, onions, butter, and seasonings. That's it.
Turkey-Barley Soup
turkey-barley soup

Perfect for leftovers, this hearty soup contains turkey broth, cooked turkey, barley, celery, carrots, onion, and seasonings.
Easy Smothered Chicken
easy smothered chicken

A delicious gravy is the result when chicken is cooked with cream of mushroom soup, cream of chicken soup, and a can of French onion soup.
Asian Spiced Chicken Wings
asian spiced chicken wings

Crock pot wings with delicious Asian flavors. The wings are broiled first to crisp up the skin, then they are slow cooked in a soy sauce mixture more...
Baked Sweet Potatoes
baked sweet potatoes

Leaving a little water on the potatoes helps generates just enough moist heat to make these sweet potatoes wonderfully tender, never dried out. In more...
Stuffed Peppers With Beef And Rice
stuffed peppers with beef and rice

Bell peppers are stuffed with ground beef, onion, and rice and topped with spaghetti sauce in a crock pot.

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Oven Or Stovetop High Temp
Low Temp
15-30 minutes1 1/2 - 2 1/2 hours4 - 8 hours
35-45 minutes3 - 4 hours6 - 10 hours
50 minutes - 3 hours   4 - 6 hours8 - 16 hours

Cooking times will also vary by how full your crock pot is, how dense the ingredients are, and the temperature of the foods when you add them.

crock pot 101

1) A properly working crock pot uses as about as much electricity and resources as a light bulb - making it more economical than using your stove! It also won't heat up your kitchen in the summer months.

2) Place vegetables in the bottom of the crock pot and place meat on top. Fresh vegetables like carrots and potatoes take the longest to cook. Frozen vegetables may be placed on top of meat as they usually do not take as long.

3) Crock pot cooking times listed with the recipes are guidelines - actual cooking times may vary based on the brand of crock pot, size, amount of liquid or food, ingredient temperatures, etc. Certain brands cook at a much higher temperature than others. Get to know your crock pot so you can adjust times accordingly.

4) The crock pot should be filled 2/3rds full when cooking for best results. Scale recipes up or down to fit your size crock pot.

5) Make sure the lid fits snuggly. Crock pots create extra steam inside to keep foods moist. If the lid lets that steam out your food may dry out or even burn.

6) Do not put large pieces of frozen meat (such as whole chickens or roasts) in the crock pot. They will not heat evenly and dangerous bacteria can form in a short amount of time.

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