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Bread Machine Bagels & Pretzels

Collection of bread machine bagels & pretzels recipesjump to the recipes

Recipes for making bagels or pretzels in a bread maker

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This recipe has a 5 star rating
5 reviews   1 comment

Our first batch. Plain, Cheddar and Parmesan.
photo: hmbuland

Made with poppy seeds, salt, bread flour, active dry yeast, water, sugar, corn meal, egg white

bread machine, stovetop

Basic Bagels
This recipe has a 5 star rating
1 review

Photo of Basic Bagels
photo: xenaspice

Made with water, white bread flour, brown sugar, salt, active dry yeast

bread machine, oven

Breadmaker Bagels

Photo of Breadmaker Bagels
photo: bigchuckles44

Made with yeast, bread flour, whole wheat flour, salt, honey, water


Soft Mall Pretzels
This recipe has a 5 star rating
3 reviews

Soft Mall Pretzels

Made with vegetable oil, brown sugar, flour, salt, yeast, water, baking soda

oven, bread machine

Garlic Bagels
   1 comment on this recipe   1 comment

Bread Machine Garlic Bagels

Made with active dry yeast, water, white bread flour, brown sugar, salt, garlic powder, garlic

bread machine, oven

Homemade Soft Pretzels

Homemade Soft Pretzels

Made with flour, powdered sugar, salt, vegetable oil, water, baking soda, butter

bread machine, oven

Hawaiian Bagels

Hawaiian Bagels

Made with dried coconut, dried pineapple, yeast, water, coconut extract, olive oil, malt powder or honey or sugar, salt, bread flour, gluten

oven, stovetop, bread machine

Mustard Garlic Pretzels

Bread Machine Mustard Garlic Pretzels

Made with spicy Dijon-style mustard, salt, bread flour, sugar, bread machine yeast, dried thyme, water, baking soda, egg white

oven, stovetop, bread machine

Sugar And Spice Pretzels

Sugar And Spice Pretzels

Made with margarine or butter, ground cinnamon, sugar, (8 ct.) refrigerated breadsticks, shortening


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