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Fun Food Holidays™ February 14th is Great American Pizza BakeGreat American Pizza Bake

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White Pizza with Mascarpone and Smoked Mozzarella
recipe for white pizza with mascarpone and smoked mozzarella

Made with smoked mozzarella cheese, fresh thyme, dried thyme, fresh oregano, dried oregano, garlic, ricotta cheese, mascarpone cheese

Tropical Pizza
recipe for tropical pizza

Made with green onions, ham, sliced pineapple in its own juice, mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce, prepared pre-baked pizza crusts

Upside Down Supreme Pizza
recipe for upside down supreme pizza

Made with Parmesan cheese, (10 oz size) refrigerated pizza crust, Mozzarella cheese, (4 oz size) sliced mushroom, drained, (15 oz size) pizza sauce, (3.5 oz size) sliced pepperoni, green bell pepper

Awesome Pepperoni Pizza
recipe for awesome pepperoni pizza

Made with black pepper, dried oregano, pepperoni slices, mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce, olive oil, yeast, salt, flour

Pita Pesto Pizzas
recipe for pita pesto pizzas

Made with mozzarella cheese, red bell pepper, (6 inch size) whole wheat pitas, lemon juice, dried basil, Parmesan cheese, spinach, lightly packed parsley, garlic

Harvest Pizza
recipe for harvest pizza

Made with mozzarella or Cheddar cheese, fresh rosemary, salt and freshly ground black pepper, olive oil, winter squash, potatoes, prepared pizza dough, flour, cornmeal

Crescent Roll Egg and Bacon Breakfast Pizza
recipe for crescent roll egg and bacon breakfast pizza

Made with cheddar cheese, refrigerated crescent dinner rolls, eggs, bacon

Fritos Chili Pie Pizza
recipe for fritos chili pie pizza

Made with corn chips, Mexican cheese, pizza shell, chili no beans

Cheese Beef Pizza
recipe for cheese beef pizza

Made with black pepper, salt, mozzarella cheese, Italian bread shell (approximately 12-inch diameter), onion; thinly sliced -- separate, green or red bell pepper -- cut into; thin strips, ground beef

Bacon Onion & Tomato Pizza
recipe for bacon onion & tomato pizza

Made with sliced fresh spinach, optional, tomatoes, washed, sliced 1/4 inch thick, halved if desired, Mozzarella cheese, garlic powder, Greek-style pita breads (at least 6 inches in diameter), brown

Tina's French Bread Pizza
recipe for tina's french bread pizza

Made with Optional Toppings: Candied bacon, green peppers, onion, ground beef, Mozzarella cheese, sausage, browned & drained, pepperoni, french bread, jar spaghetti or pizza sauce, black olives

Roasted Garlic Pizza
recipe for roasted garlic pizza

Made with garlic, sun-dried tomato pieces, sliced, feta cheese, spinach, olive oil, (13-inch size) uncooked pizza dough crust

Sun-Dried Tomato, Sausage And Fontina Pizza
recipe for sun-dried tomato, sausage and fontina pizza

Made with Parmesan cheese, sweet Italian sausage, sun-dried tomatoes, pizza shells, oil, Fontina cheese

Cowboy Pizza
recipe for cowboy pizza

Made with cheddar cheese, potatoes, pizza dough, ground beef, barbecue sauce, green bell pepper

Pizza Rustica Alla Grottese
recipe for pizza rustica alla grottese

Made with egg, eggs, Stick Cold unsalted butter, baking powder, salt, sugar, flour

Avocado And Canadian Bacon Pizza
recipe for avocado and canadian bacon pizza

Made with Monterey Jack cheese, salt, tomato, avocado, Canadian bacon, dried basil, olive oil, pizza shell

Turkey Club Pizza
recipe for turkey club pizza

Made with Swiss cheese, tomato, of turkey bacon, of turkey deli meat, basil, monterey jack cheese, Dijon mustard, lemon zest, mayonnaise, prepared pizza crust or shell (like Boboli)

Pizza With Fontina Artichoke Hearts And Red Onion
recipe for pizza with fontina artichoke hearts and red onion

Made with fontina cheese, black pepper, salt, Frozen white bread dough; thawed according to package directions, olive oil, Wheat bran or cornmeal, garlic; chopped finely, red onion, (9 oz. size)

Low-Carb Pizza
recipe for low-carb pizza

Made with garlic, red onion, olive oil, salt, club soda, heavy cream, eggs, soy flour

Deep Dish Pizza Bread
recipe for deep dish pizza bread

Made with vegetable oil, milk, salt and pepper, sugar, dried oregano, baking powder, green onion, red bell pepper, Parmesan cheese, all-purpose flour

Baked Pizza Sandwich
recipe for baked pizza sandwich

Made with Mushrooms;Sliced,Drained, Cheese; *, milk, Egg; Lg., baking mix, oregano, pizza sauce, tomato sauce, ground beef

Breakfast Pizza
recipe for breakfast pizza

Made with Cheddar cheese, hash browns, milk, sausage, refrigerated crescent roll dough, eggs, dry mustard, black pepper

Seared Balsamic Mushroom Pizza
recipe for seared balsamic mushroom pizza

Made with salt, teasppon dried thyme leaves, crushed, fresh thyme, balsamic vinegar, garlic, red onion, mushrooms, olive oil, pizza dough, thawed if frozen

Low Carb Mushroom And Garlic Pizza
recipe for low carb mushroom and garlic pizza

Made with garlic, cream cheese, eggs, pork rind crumbs, Parmesan cheese, garlic powder, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms

Cheesy Jalapeno And Egg Pizza
recipe for cheesy jalapeno and egg pizza

Made with pepperoni, jalapenos, eggs, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese

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