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Fun Food Holidays™ November 28th is National French Toast Day

National French Toast Day

National French Toast Day is a time to appreciate a breakfast food that can be quick and basic, made with bread, eggs, and sugar. Or French toast can be a sweet, elegant dish prepared stuffed or baked, with fruit, compotes, chocolate and more.

Peruse the hundreds of French toast recipes available right here at CDK!

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Cap'n Crunch French Toast
recipe for cap'n crunch french toast

Made with butter, white bread, eggs, milk, sugar, cereal

Apricot-Stuffed French Toast
recipe for apricot-stuffed french toast

Made with maple syrup, butter, Italian bread, apricot jam, cream cheese, eggs, ground cinnamon, milk

Festive French Toast
recipe for festive french toast

Made with (3 oz size) cream cheese, softened at room temperature, divided, butter, powdered sugar, orange juice concentrate, white bread, orange marmalade, egg, milk, ground cinnamon, vanilla extract

German French Toast
recipe for german french toast

Made with onion, milk, large eggs, lemon rind, French bread, bread crumbs, tart apples, water, lemon juice, smoked bratwurst

Peach French Toast
recipe for peach french toast

Made with vanilla extract, milk, eggs, French bread, can peaches or fresh peaches, sliced, water, brown sugar, butter or margarine

The Cheesecake Factory French Toast Napoleon
recipe for the cheesecake factory french toast napoleon

Made with half and half, egg bread or Challah bread, butter, strawberries, whipped cream, glazed pecans, powdered sugar, maple syrup, eggs

Blue Harbor House Stuffed French Toast
recipe for blue harbor house stuffed french toast

Made with powdered sugar, vanilla extract, whole wheat bread, cream cheese, yogurt, sour cream, blueberries, frozen raspberries, egg substitute, skim milk

Caramelized French Toast With Vanilla Pears
recipe for caramelized french toast with vanilla pears

Made with butter, pears, brown sugar, eggs, half and half, sugar, vanilla extract

Peach Caramel French Toast
recipe for peach caramel french toast

Made with vanilla, milk, eggs, white bread, water, light brown sugar, margarine or butter, granulated syrup, sliced peaches with syrup

Mimi's Favorite Puffed French Toast
recipe for mimi's favorite puffed french toast

Made with maple syrup or honey, eggs, milk, cream or half-and-half, vanilla extract, cinnamon, firm, buttered, white bread (Italian, sliced 1 1/2" thick), butter, light brown sugar

Caramel-Apple French Toast
recipe for caramel-apple french toast

Made with milk, ground nutmeg, Granny Smith apples, salt, butter, pecans, eggs, vanilla extract, ground cinnamon

Cardamom Bread French Toast With Ginger Glazed Peaches And Mascarpone Vanilla Cream
recipe for cardamom bread french toast with ginger glazed peaches and mascarpone vanilla cream

Made with fresh ginger, light brown sugar, water, white bread, butter, cardamom, milk, eggs

Big Baked Orange French Toast
recipe for big baked orange french toast

Made with Confectioners sugar, butter, sugar, French bread, eggs, orange, orange juice, orange liqueur, half and half

Pain Perdue (Lost Bread)
recipe for pain perdue (lost bread)

Made with stick butter, divided, banana nut bread, vanilla extract, sugar, nutmeg, ground cinnamon, milk, eggs, orange

Kentucky Bourbon French Toast
recipe for kentucky bourbon french toast

Made with bourbon, vanilla extract, sugar, brown sugar or confectionery sugar, butter, Kentucky bourbon (this can be omitted or rum extract can be used), oil, eggnog, regular or low fat, salt-risen

Stuffed French Toast
recipe for stuffed french toast

Made with cinnamon-sugar (optional), cream cheese, ground nutmeg, vanilla extract, sugar, half and half, egg substitute -- divided, milk, non-stick cooking spray, cinnamon-raisin bread

Cheddar Apple Breakfast Lasagna
recipe for cheddar apple breakfast lasagna

Made with granola, apple pie filling, cheddar cheese, sour cream, brown sugar, French toast, ham

Yankee French Toast
recipe for yankee french toast

Made with margarine, raisin bread, few days old, eggs, milk, rum, optional, sugar, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg

Upside Down French Toast
recipe for upside down french toast

Made with white bread slices, cinnamon, salt, milk, eggs, pineapple slices in juice, well drained, brown sugar, butter

Skip's Tipsy Toast
recipe for skip's tipsy toast

Made with eggs, orange juice, milk, Grand Marnier liqueur, French bread, Liquid margarine for frying

Freezer French Toast
recipe for freezer french toast

Made with loaf (16 slice size) white bread, cinnamon, sugar, milk, eggs

Cinnamon French Toast Ice Cream Sandwiches
recipe for cinnamon french toast ice cream sandwiches

Made with ice cream, vanilla extract, cinnamon raisin bread, eggs, cinnamon

Blueberry French Toast
recipe for blueberry french toast

Made with powdered sugar, blueberries, bread, milk, egg substitute, eggs, ground cinnamon, vanilla extract

Mom's Stuffed French Toast
recipe for mom's stuffed french toast

Made with orange juice, apricot preserves, nutmeg, whipping cream, eggs, (1/2 inch size) French bread, walnuts, vanilla extract, cream cheese

Apple Cinnamon Vanilla French Toast
recipe for apple cinnamon vanilla french toast

Made with nutmeg, cinnamon, sugar, vanilla extract, eggs, milk, apples, loaf French bread or Texas Toast, crusts removed

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