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Fun Food Holidays™ November 28th is National French Toast Day

National French Toast Day

National French Toast Day is a time to appreciate a breakfast food that can be quick and basic, made with bread, eggs, and sugar. Or French toast can be a sweet, elegant dish prepared stuffed or baked, with fruit, compotes, chocolate and more.

Peruse the hundreds of French toast recipes available right here at CDK!

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Walnut French Toast
recipe for walnut french toast

Made with walnuts, corn syrup, brown sugar, butter or margarine, ground nutmeg, ground cinnamon, vanilla extract, milk, eggs, French Bread, 1-inch thick

Broiled French Toast With Honey Glazed Strawberries
recipe for broiled french toast with honey glazed strawberries

Made with maple syrup, soy milk, egg whites, eggs, vanilla extract, strawberries, water, honey, slightly warmed

French Toast Plum Tart
recipe for french toast plum tart

Made with red Italian plums, halved and pitted, quick-cooking tapioca, ground cinnamon, sugar, confectioners' sugar, vanilla extract, eggs, loaf challah or long brioche bread

Apricot Almond Cheese French Toast
recipe for apricot almond cheese french toast

Made with nutmeg, chopped or slivered almonds, challah egg bread, eggs, cinnamon, custard powder, cream cheese, apricot jam, almond extract

Peaches And Cream French Toast
recipe for peaches and cream french toast

Made with salt, cornstarch, sugar (cut sugar way down if your are using juice from frozen peaches), peach syrup, nutmeg, peach preserves, light cream, eggs, loaf French Bread sliced diagonally into

Praline French Toast
recipe for praline french toast

Made with maple syrup, sugar, pecan, vanilla extract, butter, milk, eggs, breakfast bread

Vanilla French Toast
recipe for vanilla french toast

Made with cinnamon raisin bread, vanilla extract, ground nutmeg, ground cinnamon, salt, low-fat milk, eggs, vanilla low-fat yogurt

French Toast Bundt Pan Breakfast
recipe for french toast bundt pan breakfast

Made with ground ginger, ground nutmeg, vanilla extract, ground cinnamon, sugar, butter, pancake syrup or honey, liquid hazelnut coffee creamer, eggs, unbaked dinner rolls

Apple-Raspberry Stuffed French Toast
recipe for apple-raspberry stuffed french toast

Made with pancake syrup, powdered sugar, margarine, vanilla extract, or maple extract, milk, regular egg substitute, raisin bread, or cinnamon raisin bread, sweetened frozen red raspberries, thawed

Chocolate Stuffed French Toast
recipe for chocolate stuffed french toast

Made with powdered sugar, maple syrup, oil, butter, or margarine, coffee liqueur or milk, cinnamon, milk, eggs, chopped almonds, pistachios, or pecans, bar milk chocolate, French bread, 1-1/2"

Orange Pecan French Toast
recipe for orange pecan french toast

Made with pecans, butter, eggs, orange juice, milk, sugar, ground nutmeg, vanilla, triple Sec, texas toast

Stuffed French Toast With Apricot Glaze
recipe for stuffed french toast with apricot glaze

Made with sugar, cream cheese, nutmeg, vanilla, half-and-half, eggs, French bread

Pear French Toast
recipe for pear french toast

Made with French bread 1 inch thick, nutmeg, vanilla extract, milk, eggs, fresh pears, peeled & sliced, cinnamon, butter, brown sugar, packed, divided, brown sugar, packed, PLUS

Pound Cake French Toast
recipe for pound cake french toast

Made with mint extract, maple syrup, plain yogurt, whipping cream, fresh mint, (1/2-inch thick) pound cake, milk, eggs

Vanilla Cream French Toast
recipe for vanilla cream french toast

Made with butter or margarine, vanilla extract, sugar, eggs, heavy cream or whipping cream, (thick) French Bread

Make-ahead Applicious French Toast
recipe for make-ahead applicious french toast

Made with applesauce, day old french bread -- 3/4" thick, vanilla extract, milk, eggs, apples, corn syrup, butter, brown sugar

Painted French Toast For Kids
recipe for painted french toast for kids

Made with butter, white bread, new small nontoxic paintbrushes, assorted liquid food colors, milk, eggs

Almond-Cinnamon French Toast With Strawberry Sauce
recipe for almond-cinnamon french toast with strawberry sauce

Made with sugar, French bread, eggs, half and half, almond extract, cinnamon, butter, frozen sliced strawberries

Christmas Eggnog French Toast
recipe for christmas eggnog french toast

Made with butter, croissants, Eggnog-flavored skim milk, egg, cinnamon

Freezer French Toast
recipe for freezer french toast

Made with loaf (16 slice size) white bread, cinnamon, sugar, milk, eggs

Peach French Toast
recipe for peach french toast

Made with vanilla extract, milk, eggs, French bread, can peaches or fresh peaches, sliced, water, brown sugar, butter or margarine

Cranberry French Toast
recipe for cranberry french toast

Made with dried cranberries, brown sugar, loaf French bread cut into 1/2 inch thick slices, eggs, sugar, cinnamon, milk

Caramel Peach Pecan French Toast
recipe for caramel peach pecan french toast

Made with pecan, vanilla, milk, eggs, caramel ice cream topping, peaches, cream cheese, Italian bread

Stuffed French Toast
recipe for stuffed french toast

Made with maple syrup, cinnamon, sugar, milk, eggs, Swiss cheese, (8 ounces) breakfast sausage patties, cooked, butter, French bread, (1-1/2 inches thick)

Chocolate French Toast
recipe for chocolate french toast

Made with powdered sugar, Maple or fruit syrup, butter, vanilla extract, cinnamon, milk, eggs, loaf chocolate bread

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