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Fun Food Holidays™ August 17th is National Vanilla Custard DayNational Vanilla Custard Day

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Vanilla Custard
recipe for vanilla custard

Made with sugar, egg yolks, heavy cream

Cuban Vanilla Custard
recipe for cuban vanilla custard

Made with sugar, water, salt, lemon rind, cinnamon, vanilla, cornstarch, milk, egg yolks

Microwave Vanilla Custard
recipe for microwave vanilla custard

Made with strawberries, skim milk, egg, sugar, vanilla, vanilla extract

Fried Banana Ravioli With Vanilla Custard Sauce
recipe for fried banana ravioli with vanilla custard sauce

Made with powdered sugar, vegetable oil, egg, wonton wrappers, pecans, walnuts, graham cracker crumbs, brown sugar, finely chopped peeled ripe bananas

Vanilla Custard Cups
recipe for vanilla custard cups

Made with ground nutmeg, egg, milk, brown sugar, vanilla extract, salt

Perfect Vanilla Custard Pie
recipe for perfect vanilla custard pie

Made with vanilla extract, heavy cream, pie shell, eggs, sugar, salt, nutmeg, milk

French Vanilla Custard Ice Cream
recipe for french vanilla custard ice cream

Made with eggs, half and half, semi-sweet chocolate, vanilla extract, almond extract, dark sweet cherries

Creme Catalane (Lemon, Vanilla, and Fennel-Seed Custard)
recipe for creme catalane (lemon, vanilla, and fennel-seed custard)

Made with lemon, grated zest (peel) of, sugar, egg yolks, vanilla bean, fennel seeds, crushed in mortar with pestle, milk, heavy cream, preferably NOT ultra-pasteurized

Vanilla Pumpkin Custard
recipe for vanilla pumpkin custard

Made with chopped pecans, vanilla, butter, vanilla wafers, eggs, cinnamon, ground nutmeg, sugar, milk, pumpkin

Apple Crisp with Vanilla Custard Sauce
recipe for apple crisp with vanilla custard sauce

Made with lemon juice, flour, old-fashioned rolled oats, sugar, brown sugar, cinnamon, salt, unsalted butter, pecans or walnuts

Vanilla Custard With Strawberries
recipe for vanilla custard with strawberries

Made with strawberries, vanilla bean, whole milk, egg yolks, sugar

Vanilla Custard
recipe for vanilla custard

Made with egg yolks, salt, sugar, cornstarch, milk, vanilla extract

Warm Apple Sandwich With Vanilla-Bean Custard Sauce
recipe for warm apple sandwich with vanilla-bean custard sauce

Made with French-style butter, crystallized sugar, Granny Smith apples, sugar, ground cinnamon, vanilla bean, lemon juice, whole milk

Vanilla Custard
recipe for vanilla custard

Made with vanilla extract, milk, sugar, eggs

Rhubarb Crumble With Vanilla Custard Sauce
recipe for rhubarb crumble with vanilla custard sauce

Made with whipping cream, rhubarb, sugar, flour, brown sugar, quick-cooking oats, butter, egg yolks

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