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Using recipes found on CDKitchen

Ownership of recipes

Recipes posted to CDKitchen - either from the USENET newsgroup, or submitted by visitors to the site are listed as being submitted by the individual that submitted the recipe. By submitting a recipe to the website (in either method mentioned above), you are giving CDKitchen the rights to use the recipes in its websites, mailing lists and in other promotional means. If you wish to have your name removed from a recipe, we will gladly oblige. Please note, we reserve the right to remove a recipe from our archive in the case of corporate trademark or copyright issues. If you have a question about what constitutes copyright infringement, please visit the US Copyright website at

Use of recipes found on the website

You may, for personal use only, copy single recipes from the CDKitchen websites. You may not sell or charge for access for any recipes copied from the websites either singly or in collections. You may not copy sections of this website or entire collections of recipes (collections such as this fall under US Copyright Law). This website is copyrighted (and so is this copyright policy!). You may copy individual recipes on to your own computer for personal use, but under no circumstances are you allowed to redistribute large quantities in any manner (email, webpages, zip files, print, MasterCook or other software collections, etc).

You may link to our recipes on websites, but not share them in their entirety, as long as credit is given with the name and a link (either clickable or text) to the recipe on CDKitchen

Links may not be included as hidden or otherwise obscured text. Links may not be manipulated by javascript or other programming languages. Good webmastership includes linking to other sites in a reasonable manner - so if you use our content we expect you to follow those guidelines.

For other means of citing the source, please contact us. If you are interested in using these recipes for commercial purposes, or in a syndicated/partnership format, please feel free to contact us with your ideas.

Copyright Infringement

Visitors are not allowed to knowingly submit copyrighted material to CDKitchen. Recipe copyright is a tricky definition. You cannot copyright a list of ingredients - this is considered a scientific formula. You may be able to copyright the prose that accompanies a recipe as long as it is not considered "typical" in describing the procedures required to complete the recipe.

For example, you canNOT copyright the directions to the recipe that say,

"Combine all ingredients in a large bowl. Mix on high with a hand mixer. Pour into pan and bake at 350F for 25 minutes".

These directions are "typical" in nature. What you may be able to copyright are these directions:

"My mother would combine the ingredients in a large glass bowl that was handed down from her great grandmother. We usually use a mixer today to beat the ingredients, but my mother remembers her mother beating the ingredients endlessly with a wooden spoon until all was mixed..."

While we do not necessarily encourage this, if you are unsure of the copyright status of a recipe you'd like to submit it is best if you put the directions into your own words. This way you can easily incorporate any additional modifications you personally made if you tried the recipe. Recipes submitted this way are much more personal and readers value your input from your experience in making this recipe. You should also then let readers know where you adapted the recipe from.

We respect the intellectual property rights of others and prohibit users from uploading or otherwise transmitting on the website any materials that violate someone else's intellectual property rights. When we receive proper notice of an infringement, we promptly remove the allegedly infringing material in accordance with the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. If you believe that any material on this site infringes upon any copyright which you own or manage, please follow the DMCA procedures regarding notification of such infringement to our registered copyright agent. Please note that false claims made to our site may cause you to be liable for damages, including court costs and attorneys fees, if you materially misrepresent that content on our website is infringing on a copyright. We highly recommend consulting an attorney before filing a DMCA with any website.

Recipe Disclaimer

CDKitchen is not responsible for the outcome of any recipe you try from this, or any website in our network. While we try to review each recipe carefully, you may not always achieve the results desired due to variations in ingredients, cooking temperatures, typos, errors, omissions, or individual cooking abilities. Please always use your best judgement when cooking with raw ingredients such as eggs, chicken or fish. Recipes are submitted by visitors to the site and may contain errors. Recipes are not tested by CDKitchen staff prior to publication. By using this website you agree to use these recipes at your own risk.

Copy Cat Recipes

The recipes listed on the website are not necessarily the original recipe from the restaurant or brand, unless specifically stated, and are considered only to be acceptable "clones" to the original for the home cook to attempt to duplicate. Please also note that many nation-wide restaurant chains vary their menus and ingredients by region so the version provided may not be similar to what you may have tried before.

Any trademarked names mentioned are used only to identify the recipe or brand.

Terms of Service

CDKitchen makes no warranty on the availability of this site or its content. CDKitchen may, at any time, restrict access to users on an individual or group basis if we deem there to be inappropriate use of this site. Under no circumstances may you attempt to auto-download, or mass-download, content from this site. Using software that attempts to connect to any portion of our site and copy or spider data is prohibited. We routinely monitor traffic on the site and suspicious or excessive activity will be blocked and reported.

By using this site you agree to these terms of service. CDKitchen reserves the right to update this recipe use and TOS policy at any time.

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