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Using photos and images found on CDKitchen

No photos or images displayed on may be modified, distributed, or used in any way, including other formats such as print. Some of our promotional photos are purchased stock photography from sources such as and and licensed use cannot be transferred. If you use a photo that falls into this category you may be subject to copyright infringment by the owner of the photo or the company distributing them.

CDKitchen does NOT give permission to use any photos, including linking to photos, displayed on our site(s). User submitted recipe photos are property of the submitter and CDKitchen, and we will not extend use of these images to third parties. CDKitchen, Inc reserves the right to contact any copyright holders to inform them of any infringements of their photos and we will take legal action against any unauthorized use of our content.

You may share a photo from CDKitchen on various social media outlets providing you agree to the following rules: The photo may not be altered in any way; any links associated with the photo must lead back to CDKitchen; the text of the recipe may not be included anywhere within the shared content or comments associated with it. Failure to follow these rules will result in the photo being removed from your social media account through a DMCA takedown notice with the social media website (Pinterest, Facebook, etc). The social media website may take further action against you by suspending your account, or taking other legal action, at their discretion.

Any photos taken by CDKitchen staff may not be used without written permission from CDKitchen, Inc. Any unauthorized use will result in the infringer being invoiced for retroactive licensing fees (fees start at $5,000 US per infringement) plus administrative fees, plus any legal fees incurred in recovering the costs.

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